Her Worst Fears Were Confirmed When Her Son’s Friend’s Parents Tried to Convince Her to Sign Over His Guardianship to Them

She had an inkling that something didn’t feel right, then her suspicions were confirmed when she was asked a shocking question.

A Single Mother

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A 24-year-old single mother named Emily is raising her son, Owen, alone, since his father is absent and her own parents have disowned her. 

Living Paycheck to Paycheck

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Emily had to drop out of high school and work several jobs to support herself and Owen.

Currently, they live in a one-bedroom apartment and live paycheck to paycheck, but Emily is optimistic they will find a bigger place in the next couple of years. 

Teaching Her Son Money Isn’t Everything

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Emily has taught Owen that money isn’t everything, and they have a very close relationship.

While Owen has never had many luxuries, Emily tries to save money for special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

He Made a New Friend

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Owen attends a school across town due to a lottery system that allows children to attend any public school.

In second grade, Owen met Charlie, and they became friends. 

Going to Their House After School

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Charlie’s parents, Nate and Paige, were nice and supportive, and Owen often hung out at their house after school. 

They Offered to Help

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Paige, who is a stay-at-home mom, offered to take care of Owen during the spring break of 2022 when Emily missed registration for a low-cost camp.

Owen had a great time, and Paige refused Emily’s attempts to pay her back. 

He Spends a Lot of Time With Them

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Owen also spent a lot of time with Charlie and his family during the summer, even going on vacation with them.

Emily was reluctant but grateful for the experiences Nate and Paige provided for Owen.

They Bought Him Expensive Presents

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During Christmas break of 2022, Paige and Nate insisted Owen stay with them the entire time, and they got him more gifts than Emily could afford. 

She Had a Sinking Feeling

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Emily began to feel that something was off, but she pushed her pride aside because it was about Owen. 

Working Extra to Save Up for His Upcoming Birthday

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During spring break of 2023, Paige and Nate asked if Owen could spend the entire week with them. Emily agreed so that she could work more shifts to save up for Owen’s birthday present. 

A Mother’s Nightmare

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However, when Emily picked up Owen, Nate and Paige asked to speak with her.

They expressed how much they loved having Owen around and suggested he stay with them long-term. They assured Emily she would still be able to see him. 

She Couldn’t Believe What She Was Hearing

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When Emily jokingly asked if they would be his guardians, they got quiet. As they got quiet, the reality of the situation rushed over Emily. 

They Are Trying to Convince Her to Give Him Up

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She told them this wasn’t a movie, and they couldn’t just get custody of her son.

They spouted some legal jargon about how Emily could assign them as guardians to help with the transition, but she refused, stating she was never going to give up their son.

Getting Away From Them

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Emily grabbed Owen and left, blocking their numbers. Owen was unaware of the situation, and Emily decided to keep him home from school the next day. 

Now She’s Terrified

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She took the day off work to figure out what to do. Legally, they couldn’t take Owen, but she was still terrified. 

What Should She Do?

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She didn’t want Owen to return to that school and considered moving.

She feels lost and foolish because, in hindsight, all the warning signs were there. Now, she doesn’t know what to do. 

What Redditors Said

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One Redditor wrote, “The ironic part is that they love Owen because of how YOU raised him to be. Not them. Buying gifts and vacations isn’t the same as parenting.”

Another suggested, “You should inform the school about the entire situation. Get the cops involved if possible.”

What do you think? Should she move to try to get away from them? Do you think she could lose her son to this family?

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