A Recent Widow Tells off MIL and BIL for Lecturing Her Young Son About Not Helping Enough

A woman takes to Reddit to ask if she went too far when she told her in-laws off for parenting her son. Read more to learn what happened, and decide for yourself if you think she was right.

He Had It Rough Growing Up

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OP’s husband, Dan, lost his dad when he was very young.

A Lost Childhood

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Dan’s older brother, Martin, was made to be “the man of the house” and had to take on too much, too soon.

Martin did not get to have his childhood.

They Had a Happy Life

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OP and Dan have three kids now: Sydney (12F), Gabe (10M), and Charlotte (3F).

But He Passed Away

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Three months ago, Dan died.

A Solemn Vow

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OP vowed not to let what happened to Martin happen to her son. Gabe would not be parentified!

Things Piled Up

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Charlotte got sick, Sydney had a lot of activities, and housework was not getting done.

She Got the Help She Needed

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Martin’s wife, Rachel, generously offered to help watch Charlotte while OP took Sydney to her activities.

A Lecture in Progress

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OP came home to Martin telling her son Gabe that he should not have let things get this far and he had to “man up.”

She Put a Stop to It

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OP stopped the lecture and told her son not to listen to his uncle.  His only job was to go to school and be a kid. Then, she sent Gabe out to play.

How Dare He?

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OP let into Martin and asked him “How dare he tell Gabe that.” 

She also told Martin that her son will not be parentified, like he had been.

She Dropped an Ultimatum 

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OP said that if Martin did anything like that again, he would never see her kids again.

He Thought She Was Ungrateful

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Martin said OP was ungrateful. He only trying to help, and most of all, he was defending his wife, who shouldn’t have to help her with Charlotte and cleaning.

But She Fired Back

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OP reminded Martin that she did not ask for Rachel’s help.

Martin replied that Rachel only offered because OP was always complaining about how hard her life was.

Fire From All Sides

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Now Dan’s family is calling OP a jerk and saying that OP was too harsh on Martin.

One Step Further

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OP’s MIL told OP that she needed to suck it up, stop moping about Dan’s death, and that Gabe and Sydney should be helping with Charlotte.

Not Standing For It

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OP told her MIL off. She pointed out that her kids do chores and help around the house in age-appropriate ways.

She Stands Accused

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Now, OP is being accused of purposely alienating Dan’s family.

Did She Go Too Far?

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OP is wondering if she went too far.

What do you think? Did OP take it too far, or did she do right by her son?

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