Claims About Jesus’ Sexuality Stir Debate: Bishop’s Interpretation of the Bible Sparks Controversy

The internet has been divided by a Bishop from England who has made a stunning claim about Jesus’ sexuality, using verses from the Bible to back up his points and fight against homophobia.

A Bold Assertion Shakes the Internet

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Prepare to be stunned by a bishop in England who took to TikTok to declare that the historical figure Jesus may not have had the sexuality that people believe he had.

Jesus Was What?

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In a short but impactful video, Arch Bishop Jonathan Blake dropped a bombshell that challenged long-held beliefs, claiming that Jesus was in fact bisexual.

Using the Bible for Hate Speech

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 “Many use the Bible as a hateful homophobic attack. It’s an own goal. The Bible indicates that Jesus was bisexual,” he asserted, urging viewers to change their minds on Jesus’ sexuality.

Surprising Connections Back Up His Point

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“He had a special love for John,” the bishop claimed while referencing the Bible. 

Crucifixion Confirmation?

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The bishop took it a step further and noted that John’s presence during the crucifixion confirmed this “special love.”

Physical Evidence?

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The Bishop also argued that Jesus and John are depicted in moments of physical closeness, embracing, cuddling, and lying together. 

A Historical Twist

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The Bishop claimed that King James I of England reportedly justified his own bisexuality by pointing to Jesus’ alleged same-sex relationship. Could this historical tidbit lend credibility to the bishop’s assertion?

Jesus and Women

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The bishop’s argument doesn’t stop at just Jesus’ relationships with men as he highlighted Jesus’ interactions with women. 

A Groundbreaking Act of Love

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The Bishop says that Jesus allowed a sex worker to wash his feet, or engaging in intimate conversations with women during times when such actions were groundbreaking.

From Compassion to Courage

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The bishop talked about when Jesus was faced with a woman accused of adultery, he stepped in to prevent her stoning, showing his empathy towards these people. 

Challenging Traditional Views

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The bishop takes it even further, emphasizing Jesus’ unique relationship with Mary Magdalene, suggesting it went further than the traditional views, “Writings say he had a special love for (Mary Magdalene) he would often kiss and describe as his partner.”

A Bold Conclusion

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The bishop’s conclusion is thought-provoking, “Jesus was happily bisexual,” he asserted. 

God Accepts You No Matter What

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He pointed out that Jesus never complained about the LGBTQ2IA+ community, “He didn’t need to because he understood that god has made us as we are.”

Weaponizing the Bible?

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The bishop took a firm stance against those who use the Bible as a weapon, “No God-loving person would ever choose to use the Bible in this cruel way.” 

Reactions to Controversial Findings

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One user praised his comments, “Jesus was all about love and acceptance. That’s how we all should be.”

Praise to Bishop for Speaking Out

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A second user thanked the Bishop for his words, “Love your message,” they put.

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