Film Screenings Canceled Over Offensiveness Concerns: Vue Cinema Responds to Controversy

Film director Rob Savage, known for the 2020 horror hit “Host,” is making waves again with his latest work, “Dashcam.” However, this time, the film’s release has been met with controversy, as Vue Cinemas decided not to screen it, deeming it too “offensive.”  Here’s the full story.

The Movie

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Despite this setback, Savage’s film promises to be an exploration of boundaries within the horror genre, offering audiences a provocative viewing experience.

The Plot

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“Dashcam” follows the story of a toxic musician, played by Annie Hardy, who defies quarantine restrictions in Los Angeles to visit her bandmate, played by Amar Chadha-Patel, in London.

The Lead Character

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The film takes a daring turn when Hardy’s character decides to livestream her journey, allowing online viewers an intimate look into her actions.

The Trailer Sparked Controversy

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The trailer alone sparked divisive opinions among fans, which led Vue Cinemas to cancel screenings after their staff members viewed the film.

Believe In Diversity

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A representative from the cinema company cited potential offense to audiences as the reason behind the decision, stating, “We at Vue believe in diversity, and any movie which may offend audiences, we may decide to no longer show at the last second without notice.”

Savage Saw an Opportunity

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Though the move left Savage disappointed, he turned the situation into an opportunity to generate interest in the film.

He Took to Twitter

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Savage took to Twitter to share the news of the film’s cancellation, along with a screenshot of his conversation with the Vue Cinemas representative.

A Playful Challenge

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He responded to the decision with a playful challenge, inviting potential viewers to make their own judgment on the film’s content.

Horror Genre Has No Boundaries

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In an interview, Savage said, “I think if any genre should skirt the boundaries of being offensive, it’s horror.”

Definition of Horror

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He further explained that horror serves as a mirror to the real world, often confronting uncomfortable truths.

It’s Only a Movie

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He encouraged viewers to remember the classic adage, “It’s only a movie,” and suggested that offense could be a catalyst for deeper reflection.

“Mostly Just Felt Laughably Bad”

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Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident. One Reddit user wrote, “It’s not offensive other than a politically charged, annoying lead character. Mostly just felt laughably bad. Nowhere near the quality of Host.”

Xenophobic Fascist Propaganda Films

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Another user added, “Do not waste your time on this “film” – it was filmed entirely using an iPhone, it appears -unless you like MAGA, racist, xenophobic fascist propaganda films.”

Movie Should Be Called Karen

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A third user commented, “This movie should be called “Karen”.

If you want to watch a movie where a horrible Karen runs around doing nothing but getting people killed, disrespecting every person of color she meets, and basically being the worst person ever put on film, then you may enjoy this.”

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