He Banned a Girl From the Water Slide, so Her Mom Got up in His Face and Shouted Homophobic Slurs!

A waterpark worker took to Reddit recently to tell their story of dealing with an entitled woman at work.

He Works at a Busy Waterpark

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The Original Poster (OP) is a 19-year-old male employee, at a waterpark.

He recently had an altercation with a mother and her daughter. He was working at the play structure on the kid’s side of the park.

His job was to ensure kids went down the slide only when it was safe to do so.

He’s Won Employee of the Month Twice!

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He’s a hardworking employee who has received employee of the month twice in the single year that he has worked at the Park. He’s not particularly fond of kids but can handle them well enough.

However, his job can get quite challenging at times, especially when kids break the rules. And this was precisely what happened!

She Kept Breaking the Rules

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While he was on duty, a young girl broke the rules multiple times, including going down the slide headfirst. Despite being told not to, more than once.

She was putting other swimmers at risk and almost hit some other kids with her dangerous antics!

He’d warned her three separate times and explained the importance of following the rules, but she carried on breaking them.

Per Park rules, OP had to ask her to leave the slide after her third offense.

He Had to Tell Her Off

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So when she returned to the slide and tried to go down it again, he blocked her from entering and informed her that she could not go down anymore.

This caused the girl to become upset, and she left the slide in a huff.

But When She Came Back With Her Mom He Knew He Was in Trouble

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OP had no choice but to kick her off the slide. When she came back up holding her mother’s hand, OP knew that he was in for a difficult conversation.

He Tried to Reason With Her

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At first, the little girl’s mother was calm and asked OP why her daughter couldn’t go down the slide.

He explained to her that her daughter had broken the rules three times and that it was necessary to remove her from the slide.

However, the mother wasn’t satisfied with this explanation and kept repeating that her daughter was only four years old.

She Was Invading His Space

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OP tried to explain to her that the rules applied to everyone, regardless of their age, but the mother was having none of it.

She started getting closer and closer to OP, and before he knew it, she was only an inch away from his face.

He Has Trauma and Anger Issues

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As a gay man with a history of trauma, this was an incredibly uncomfortable situation for OP.

He had severe anger issues, and he could feel himself getting increasingly tense as his mother started hurling homophobic slurs at him.

He tried to keep his cool, but it was getting harder and harder by the second.

There’s Absolutely No Excuse for Homophobia

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Despite his attempts to remain calm, the mother’s behavior was unacceptable. OP told her that he was only doing his job and that her behavior was rude and uncalled for.

The mother finally backed off and went to speak to his manager, Herm.

She Lied to His Boss!

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Unfortunately, Herm wasn’t on OP’s side. This nightmare woman had told him that OP had ASSAULTED her Daughter! And Herm’s response was to immediately ask him if he was guilty!

OP denied the charge! Still, Herm didn’t believe him and decided to check the security cameras.

Luckily They Had Footage

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Luckily for OP, the footage showed that he had done nothing wrong. He had simply removed the little girl from the slide after she had broken the rules three times, which was his job.

Herm apologized to OP and told him he had done the right thing, but it was little consolation after what happened.

He Noticed Something Was off About Her

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That was until this nightmare woman reared her head again. She was still complaining about OP to Herm when he noticed something strange.

When Herm asked to see her day pass, she refused!

She Shouldn’t Have Been There!

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When she relented and gave Herm her pass, it turned out that it had expired the day before, but she just hadn’t left the hotel! This was music to OP’s ears!

He Was Smiling the Entire Way

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He was overjoyed when Herm told OP to escort them off the premises!

He had the privilege of escorting this nightmare customer to her room, waiting outside while they packed, and then escorting them out of the building!

He Got His Revenge

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She was swearing at OP the whole way out of the Park! In front of her four-year-old! When she got in her car, OP couldn’t resist getting one last witty comment in.

He said, “thanks for coming to the Park! Feel free to never come again!” He had the biggest grin on his face, and

He’ll Never Forget That Woman

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The rest of the day was a blur for OP. His manager praised him for how he acted, and the day passed uneventfully.

OP will never forget that encounter with this angry mom, but now he can look back on it and laugh!

What do you think about this story? OP must have been so satisfied when he got to scold that homophobic customer.

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