He Evicted His Brother and Family From His Rental Property Following a Fight About Late Rent and Missed Maintenance

A Reddit user has turned to the community after an arrangement with his brother led to a series of problems.

A few years ago, OP’s brother found himself in difficult times. To help, OP offered to let his brother and family live in one of his rental properties.

Brotherly Deal

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They agreed to do it legally, with a lease agreement and all other necessary documentation. OP took a hit financially, renting the property to his brother only to break even.

His brother would pay reduced rent but also be responsible for all the house and yard maintenance.

Maintenance Conflicts

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It seemed like a good arrangement at first. However, problems arose when OP’s brother’s requests for maintenance got out of hand. First, it was the hot water tank.

OP’s brother wanted a new one, and he deducted the cost of the new tank and installation from that month’s rent.

Property Agreement Broken

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OP reminded his brother of their agreement, stating that he was only renting the property to him at cost and that his brother was responsible for the maintenance of the property.

OP’s brother argued that he wouldn’t improve the property for free. 

Landlord vs. Brother

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They had a big argument, and OP ended up allowing his brother to replace the hot water tank.

However, OP made it clear that his brother wasn’t allowed to make any further changes to the property without consent.

More Trouble Than It Was Worth

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Things only got worse from there. It was an old house, which limited the number of modern electronics you could install.

OP’s brother wanted to add a new breaker box and run more outlets. 

Tension and Problems Arise

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OP refused, as he couldn’t afford to make such upgrades. Especially since he wasn’t making any money from the rental.

OP’s brother started to get angry and, to voice his displeasure, started paying the rent late.

Lame Excuses

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OP tried to talk to his brother, but his brother said it was because he had to buy some stuff for the house and that he was low on cash.

OP tried to understand, but his brother’s behavior became increasingly unreasonable. He stopped doing any maintenance on the property as a protest. 

The ongoing disagreements caused a rift between the brothers, and things were progressively getting worse.

Time to Sell

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OP decided it was time to sell the house since he wasn’t getting enough value on the home. While the house was old, it was in a good neighborhood where developers paid fair prices. 

Sale Sparked Argument

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When his brother discovered the sale, he angrily called OP, asking him what was happening. OP told him that the house was a headache and he had the opportunity to make some money, so he took it. 

OP’S brother said he should have offered him a chance to buy it, but OP argued that his brother was having trouble making rent so that he wouldn’t get a mortgage.

Family Takes Sides

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OP’s brother called him names and started to bad-mouth him to other family members. A few of them took OP’s brother’s side, and they tried to say that OP was being unreasonable.

OP offered them a chance to clear his brother’s debt to him, but none agreed to help.

Parents to the Rescue

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Their parents, however, were on OP’S side, and they said that he shouldn’t have rented the house to his brother in the first place.

Rental Ends, Family Splits

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OP felt terrible for his sister-in-law and the kids, but there was nothing else he could have done. He thought his brother was unreasonable, and the rental arrangement wasn’t working.

So, it was good that they both ended things and went their separate ways. 

Would You Do the Same?

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A commenter suggested that OP shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden of helping out their brother. 

“It was good of you to rent to him at a discount, and he crapped on you for your hospitality,” the commenter said. Although he did acknowledge that it’s “unfortunate for the sister-in-law and children, it is evident that they are not OP’s responsibility.”

Another commenter agreed with OP, “except for the “served” eviction notice, which will be legally tied to his brother’s name now while looking for another place. Was there no less-nuclear way to notify him?” the commenter said.

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