He Gave This Entitled, “Do You Know Who I Am?” Type of Customer More Than He Bargained For – In the Form of Copper Coins!

This guy encountered a nightmare-entitled customer and managed to give him what he deserved – in the form of hundreds of copper coins! Read on to find out more.

A Retail Worker’s Story

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This is the story of petty revenge that took place on a hot summer day in 2014 on a small island in Greece.

The protagonist, who we will refer to as Val, worked every summer at his family’s convenience store, which was located across from a hotel. It was the family’s main source of income.

One Sunny Morning

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At the time, Val was a 23-year-old university student who loved going out with friends, sleeping until noon, and absolutely despised the day shift.

He Wasn’t Going to Let Anyone Ruin His Day

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But on this particular day, something strange happened: he woke up at 7:00 a.m. with a lot of energy and was in a good mood without even taking a sip of coffee.

He Had Amazing Customer Service Skills

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He headed to the store, opened it, and got everything done before 8:30 a.m. Val had yet to have a customer, as the hotel guests typically left around 9:00 a.m. after having breakfast.

The locals and other tourists were more active around noon when they headed to the beaches in the area.

His One Pet Peeve

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Val prided himself on his customer service skills. He was always chirpy and smiley and gave 200% of himself.

However, he did have a pet peeve: he expected to be greeted back when he greeted someone, even if it was a lackluster or half-hearted greeting.

Old Money Arrives

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Enter Old Money, the first customer of the day. Old Money was a middle-aged (or so Val assumed) caricature of the ’80s Greek lover stereotype.

An Amazing Look

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He had 4-5 of the top buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, a hairy chest that was enough to trap the summer’s bloodthirsty mosquitoes, a gold chain with a gold cross around his neck, and was more tanned than a fisherman fighting with the waves to catch fish.

He walked into the store with a lit cigar in his mouth, aviator sunglasses, and an attitude of “Do you know who I am?”

He Was Being a Good Employee

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Val greeted Old Money with his brightest smile and offered him an ashtray to place his lit cigar, which Val would then place outside, as it was not allowed to have lit cigarettes/cigars in stores.

Old Money didn’t greet Val back, frowned, and was bothered that Val asked to take away his precious cigar.

But This Guy Was Being Rude

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At that point, Val was starting to get annoyed, but he didn’t let it show on his face. Old Money finally told Val he wanted water but still didn’t greet Val.

If he was interested, Val reminded Old Money that they had cold bottles of water outside and even colder ones in the freezer.

Old Money demanded six small ones from the freezer and told Val to get them himself.

Of Course, He Only Had Bills!

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As a convenience store, they were self-service, but Val kept his smile, told himself not to argue with Old Money, and went to fetch the bottles of water.

When he returned, he asked Old Money if he needed anything else.

Old Money said no, and Val told him that it would be €3. Old Money took a wad of cash of all colors out of his pocket with a money clip and gave Val a €50 bill.

Val Snapped

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Val asked if he had a smaller bill, as they had a fund for breaking big bills but tried to avoid it and asked if the customer had smaller bills.

Old Money replied, “You are the cashier, you deal with it.” And that was the moment when something broke inside Val.

The Pettiest of Revenge Forms

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Wealthy wannabes hate the sound of coins jingling in their pockets, and Val knew that all too well.

He could have easily given Old Money €45 in bills and a €2 coin, but where was that fun? Instead, he gave him €40 in bills and €7 in coins, including 100 x 1 cent, 100 x 2 cents, 40 x 5 cents, 10 x 10 cents, and 5 x 20 cents.

He handed over the coins, and old money was left dumbfounded, his face turning red with anger.

Old Money Was Mad

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He demanded to know, “What is this?!” Val said with an innocent, angelic face, “It’s your change, sir. As you kindly reminded me, I am the cashier, and I dealt with it.”

He Got His Revenge!

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Old Money was furious. He stormed out of the store and forgot to take his precious cigar, speechless at Val’s revenge.

Val couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction as he watched Old Money leave in a huff, clutching his handful of coins.

Do You Know Who I Am?!

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Redditors loved this guy’s tale of petty revenge. One user said, “Do you know who I am?” Yeah, the guy drowning in coppers, that’s who!”

What do you think of this tale? It was certainly petty, but sometimes small acts of revenge like this can be the best course of action!

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