He Refused to Go to His Cheating Sister’s Wedding and Most of His Family Disowned Him. Now He’s Sending Out Invites to His Own Wedding, Who Should He Invite?

A soon-to-be-engaged young man posted on Reddit recently, asking if he was in the wrong for only inviting his dad to his engagement party. This is an intriguing tale with a heck of a lot of drama involved!

He’s Going to Propose

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The Original Poster (OP), a young guy, has a problem. He’s planning on proposing to his girlfriend, but his family drama is getting in the way.

It all started with his sister B’s wedding two years ago. OP went above and beyond to be there for his sister’s big day.

He Loves His Sister and Wanted to Be There

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He attended all the events, including the shower, bachelor party, and the wedding itself. It was an expensive few weeks, but he was happy to do it for his sister!

And Was Good Friends With Her Fiancé

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OP actually liked her partner, and they became friends during the wedding. But It Didn’t Last

Not long after the wedding, his sister cheated on her husband with another man and got a divorce. Within just a few months, she got engaged to the man she had cheated with and was planning a second wedding.

This caused a lot of drama within the family.

His Mom Has Some Strange Thoughts About It

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When OP’s mother informed him of the upcoming wedding, he was hesitant to support it.

He’s Got a Strong Moral Compass

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He felt that his sister’s behavior was not only disrespectful to her first marriage but also showed a lack of respect for the institution of marriage itself!

A Compromise?

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When OP’s mother demanded that he attend the wedding, he offered a compromise. If she paid for his plane ticket, hotel, and all other expenses, he would attend.

But in the End, Tragedy!

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However, she refused to pay for his expenses, insisting that he attend anyway. This argument caused a rift in their relationship, which they’ve yet to repair.

Now Both His Sisters and His Mom Are Mad at Him!

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OP ultimately decided not to attend the wedding, and he also refused to be a groomsman. This decision caused even more drama within his family.

His other sister was upset with him for not supporting B, while his mother was angry with him for not attending the wedding! Talk about a nightmare situation!

Social Media Abuse

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Things only got worse from there. When OP started dating his girlfriend, he went on a trip with her and posted photos on social media.

His sisters, who were still angry with him, commented on the photos, saying rude things about him being too cheap to buy a plane ticket but willing to spend money on trips!

He Was Shocked

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OP felt insulted and disrespected, so he decided to block them both on social media and hasn’t spoken to them since!

His Wedding Is Going to Be Stressful!

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Now, OP is planning to propose to his girlfriend, and he’s worried about his family drama causing issues at the proposal.

He’s already talked to his partner’s family and invited them to be there, as well as his friends and her friends.

Just Dad

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However, when it came to inviting his own family, he decided to only invite his father.

Even More Drama

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It won’t surprise you to learn that this decision caused even more drama! His father was upset that he couldn’t bring his wife to the proposal.

His Dad Is Upset With Him

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He and his father went back and forth on the issue with his father, but OP insisted that he wasn’t going to invite his mother due to the drama with his sisters and mother.

He even went so far as to say that if his father didn’t want to come without his wife, he would save the postage and not send an invitation at all.


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The tension between OP and his father is palpable, and it’s clear that the family drama is taking a toll on their relationship.

He’s in a Horrible Position

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OP feels that he’s in the right, as he’s not the one who caused the drama in the first place. He feels that his sisters and mother are being unreasonable and expecting too much of him.

It’s Hurting Him

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However, it’s also clear that OP is hurt by the situation. He feels that his family doesn’t understand him or his values and that they’re not willing to compromise or listen to his side of the story.

He’s worried that this drama will continue to affect his relationships with his family members and that it may even cause issues in his relationship with his girlfriend.

He Needs Some Help

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As the proposal approaches, he’s been wondering what he can do to ease the tension and drama within his family.

He knows that he can’t change their behavior, but he also doesn’t want to let their drama ruin what should be one of the happiest moments of his life.

That’s why he’s posted on Reddit, asking the community what their stance on the family feud is.

Redditors were proud of this guy for sticking to his principles! One user said, “Not your fault.. but I wouldn’t have invited your father if I were you. He seems more concerned with having an easy life than he does his wife’s awful behavior towards her own son.”

What do you think about this story? Family is family, and trying to mend broken relationships may be worth it.

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