Her Boyfriend Has a Horrible Comb-Over. Should She Tell Him it’s Bothering Her?

Her boyfriend has an intense comb-over. Like many, he uses it to cover his early-onset hair loss. But his girlfriend is embarrassed by it and doesn’t know if she should tell him.

A Man Struggling to Face the Truth

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The Original Poster’s (OP) partner’s hair started receding at a young age, and although he tries to style it in a way that makes him feel confident, it has become increasingly difficult for her to watch him suffer from the judgment of others. 

Oh, Please Don’t Comb-Over

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She loves him dearly and wants him to do what makes him happy, but she cannot help feeling drained and embarrassed by the way people react to his hairstyle.

He’s Spending Tons of Money on Hair Products

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It hurts her to see him constantly worry about his appearance and spend so much money on hair products and sprays. 

Man vs. Bald Spot

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She wants him to feel truly happy in himself, and she is afraid his hairstyle is preventing him from achieving that.

Hiding His Bald Spot From Her

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They have been together for over three years, and during that time, she’s never seen his hair un-styled, and he’s never shown her the balding area. 

Going the Extra Mile to Keep it Hidden

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When he stays over, he sleeps upright and will go home in the mornings to wash and restyle his hair and then return to her house to hang out for the day. 

The Painful Judgement of Others

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OP has seen people staring at him, laughing at him, and even taking photos of him without his consent.

She worries someone will take things too far and throw a drink at him or try to mess up his hair.

It is painful to watch him feel judged and insecure about himself and even more painful to see their friends and family comment behind his back.

He’s Waiting Until He’s Older to Shave

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Although she has never told him his hairstyle looks bad, they have spoken about it, and he has expressed a desire to eventually go bald, but not yet. 

Waiting for Another Four Years

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He is only 26 and wants to wait until he turns 30 to make that decision. 

Her Patience is Exhausted 

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She understands that it is his body and hair, and he can do whatever he wants with it, but she cannot help feeling exhausted by the situation.

How Can She Help Him?

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She wants him to sleep without feeling the need to prop himself up and not fear a little bit of wind or rain.

She wants him to wake up feeling refreshed and confident in himself without worrying about what other people think. 

Trying to Think of Ways to Build Confidence 

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She wants them to go out together without constantly feeling judged or scrutinized.

Most importantly, she wants him to be happy with his looks and know that she loves him regardless of his hairstyle.

Her Attempts Don’t Seem to Be Working

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She has tried to boost his confidence by telling him how handsome he is, but it seems to have no effect. 

Will He Keep It Forever?

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She fears he will never get rid of his comb-over, and although she would never leave him for something as shallow as his appearance, it is having a major effect on her.

Afraid to Tell Him How She’s Feeling

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It is difficult for her to vocalize her feelings to him, but she knows that she needs to express herself. She does not want to hurt him but cannot continue to suppress her feelings. 

Trying to Be Supportive, but Also Honest

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She wants him to know that she is there for him and that she will support him in whatever decision he makes, but she also wants him to know how much his comb-over affects her.

What Did Reddit Say?

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One user responded, “This is clinical-level behavior that requires professional intervention. Good luck to them, this will be difficult.”

Another Redditor said, “The hair isn’t the problem in your relationship. Your inability to communicate what you’re feeling to him is, and it’s an important problem.”

LittleStray wrote, “What is the point of being with someone if you can’t talk to them? You need to rip the Band-Aid off and be real with him.”

What do you think? Have you been in a similar situation before? Should she tell him or wait until he’s ready?

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