Her Spoiled Brat of a Sister Didn’t Get Into Her Dream College, She Is Reveling in Her Failure

This woman is delighted that her parent’s favorite child isn’t living up to expectations. She loves that her entitlement doesn’t extend beyond the family home.

A Rocky Relationship

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Growing up, the Original Poster (OP) never had a good relationship with her youngest sister, Eve. 

Her Parents Always Played Favorites

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She admits she has never been fond of her Eve, who has always been a “daddy’s girl” and has never faced any consequences for her actions. 

Everyone Goes Easy on Her

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Although their parents are not abusive or narcissistic, they have always been softer on Eve compared to their other children, giving her privileges never given to the others. 

Over the Years Her Sister Became Unbearable

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This behavior has led Eve to become a selfish brat, who has made it her mission to make her siblings’ lives as hard as possible.

Her Behavior Only Got Worse

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As the years went by, Eve continued to get away with everything, from petty lying to actual crimes, such as stealing cash from her siblings. 

Their Parents Were Always on Her Side

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Even when caught on camera by the oldest sister, their parents defended Eve and brushed it off. 

The Tables Were Turning

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However, the tide turned when Eve was about to graduate from high school. 

She Was Ready to Go to College

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Despite all her siblings having high marks academically and having college degrees, their parents could not stop gushing about how smart Eve was. 

She Almost Failed High School

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This changed two years ago when Eve nearly failed high school by ditching for an entire semester. 

Her Academic Record is Horrible

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Since then, her GPA has been abysmal, and she’s barely graduating.

She Was Still Going to Apply to Ivy League Schools

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Despite the low grades, Eve still thought she could get into a good school. She had her sights set on Yale, with Harvard as a second choice. 

Keeping College Plans Secret

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However, Eve had applied to twelve schools, but she had only been accepted into one. OP discovered that her parents and Eve were keeping her college plans a secret. 

She Was Accepted to One School

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The school that accepted her literally accepts anyone with a pulse who can pay. 

Her Father Wouldn’t Pay For Her Tuition

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OP finds it cathartic because when she went to college, her father refused to pay for her tuition, for both her and her other siblings. He claimed they didn’t need it because they got scholarships. 

Instead, he was saving the money for Eve.

She Doesn’t Think Her Sister Would Finish Anyway

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While OP knows that Eve is distraught about her college plans, she also believes it doesn’t matter, because she would likely fail or drop out of school anyway. 

Facing the Consequences 

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For the first time in her life, Eve faces the consequences of her actions, and OP is loving it.

What Redditors Thought

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One user said, “Totally delusional to think she had any chance of Ivy League with anything less than perfect grades.”

Another wrote, “Regardless of what happens with college, Eve will milk your parents for the rest of her life for help with cars, housing, travel, boyfriends….it never ends.”

What do you think? Is she an unsupportive sister, or did she have it coming? Do you think favoritism ruins relationships between siblings?

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