She Barred Her Unpredictable Aunt From Her Wedding, but Her Dad Says She’s Going to Try and Crash It!

This fresh tale of family drama comes from Reddit. A woman wanted to know if she was being a jerk for not inviting her aunt to their wedding and insisting that security would escort her off the property if she tried to attend.

Bride Wars

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The Original Poster (OP), a 30-year-old bride-to-be, is getting married in June. She sent invitations to all of her family except for her aunt N with whom she has a complicated history.

They Used to Be Close

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When OP was younger, she and Aunt N were close.

She Was the Fun Aunt

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Aunt N was the “crazy unpredictable aunt” who let her and her siblings buy and do anything they wanted.

But as OP got older, she realized that Aunt N probably shouldn’t have been trusted with them in her care.

She Had Issues

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Aunt N would do anything for attention, was a compulsive liar, and had a history of doing crazy things.

Then, in high school, Aunt N kidnapped OP, telling her they were going on a California weekend trip. Aunt N then held her for ransom against her parents!

What the Heck?!

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After giving her a second chance in college, Aunt N kicked OP out onto the street, leaving her homeless for over a month in a state where she had no family besides Aunt N to turn to for help.

That was the last straw for OP.

She’s Got a Pattern of Bad Behavior

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Since then, Aunt N has tried this behavior with OP’s other cousins, leading to several incidents worse than what she did to OP.

One of OP’s uncles even got a restraining order against Aunt N, and she is not allowed near any of his children.

She’s Back Again

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So, it was no surprise recently when Aunt N called OP’s mother, trying to get an invite to the wedding.

Luckily, her mother informed Aunt N that she would have to talk to OP directly.

She’s Persistent

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But Aunt N didn’t take no for an answer. She tried to guilt-trip OP’s parents into inviting her by saying they were paying for the wedding, but they quickly shut that down.

Her parents are not paying for the wedding; OP and her fiancé are footing the bill themselves!

The aunt was shocked and thought her relationship with OP’s parents would get her an invitation.

Her Father’s Warning

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The OP’s dad warned her that this aunt would try to show up anyway and would act like they invited her!

But She’s Ready for a Fight!

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But our bride is ready for her. She told her dad that if Aunt N did show up, security would promptly escort her off the property.

Her husband-to-be supports her decision, and her uncle, with a restraining order against the aunt, will also be at the wedding. Legally, the aunt cannot be near him or his children.

Some Disagreed With Her Stance

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But not everyone in OP’s family agreed with her decision. Her dad thought she should take the high ground and let Aunt N do her thing, but she didn’t want an unwanted guest ruining her day!

She’s Questioning Herself

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She even questioned her own boundaries after the argument with her dad.

However, OP has a supportive friend group who had offered to help chaperone, escort, or entertain some of the guests they were concerned about, including Aunt N.

She Has Enough on Her Plate

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Interestingly, OP has already discussed similar worries with their wedding coordinators about other guests causing drama.

In addition to Aunt N, OP and her fiancé are worried about other potentially drama-causing guests.

Her husband’s mother and stepmother don’t get along because the stepmother is the woman her husband’s dad left her for, leading to his mom making some not-so-great comments.

One of OP’s uncles also doesn’t get along with one of her cousins and has a history of fighting.

They’ll Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

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The coordinators assured them they would handle any problems and have people escorted out if necessary.

Now with Aunt N as an extra worry, they’ll undoubtedly have their plate full!

A Forgiving Family

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OP’s family gives second chances, and this has been their strength and their downfall. They try to see the good in everyone, but unfortunately, they get mixed up with the wrong people who take advantage of their kindness and forgiveness.

However, OP has learned the hard way that some people don’t deserve second chances. She’s trying to set more boundaries but acknowledges that she’s still a work in progress.

Is She in the Wrong?

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She posted to Reddit as she had argued with her dad over Aunt N. They went back and forth for 15 minutes arguing about it, and when her dad finally left, they were still not in agreement.

She wants to know if she’s being a jerk by not letting her aunt attend.

Redditors sided with her. One user said, “This woman legitimately sounds DANGEROUS. And maybe I don’t know the details of how a restraining order works, but, if the uncle is present, she CANNOT be without being in violation of the order, right?”

What do you think this bride-to-be should do? Aunt N sound like should make the wedding very stressful or very fun! What would you do in her situation?​​

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