His Old Friend Moved in Rent Free. She Eats Everything and Doesn’t Contribute Anything. In a Stand-Off, He’s Resorted to Eating Out Every Night, Leaving the Fridge Empty

A Reddit user recently asked the community if he was in the wrong for eating out every day and not bringing home food to share with his new housemate.

An Underdog Story

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The Original Poster (OP) has always been a bit of an underdog, but that didn’t stop him from making friends with the popular crowd in high school.

One of those friends was M, the quintessential “it girl” who seemed to have everything going for her.

They Became Friends Quickly

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Despite the fact that he thought M was way out of his league, the two of them clicked and formed a genuine friendship.

What a Perk!

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Fast forward a few years, and OP now works for a tech company with some pretty sweet perks. The cafeteria was open 24/7, and best of all it was free! If he wanted to, he could eat all his meals there.

There was also a nutritionist that worked there that made sure the meals were tasty and healthy.

He Still Loves His Fruit-Loops

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As someone who appreciates good food, he takes advantage of this perk on a regular basis but still keeps food at his apartment to make himself meals or snacks.

He also makes sure he always has a box of fruit loops – his favorite cereal, which the cafeteria does not stock.

She Reached Out When She Was in Trouble

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One day, out of the blue, M reached out to OP. She had recently left her husband and needed a place to crash while she figured things out.

He Thought It Was Going to Be Temporary

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Being the good friend that he is, OP agreed to let her stay in his spare room. He assumed it would only be for a short period of time until she found a more permanent solution.

Five Weeks Later…

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However, five weeks later, M is still living with him! He thought it was going to be a more temporary thing.

M has a job and access to a joint account with her husband, and OP figured she’d only be around for a few weeks.

He hoped she’d settle her problems with her husband or at least go back to her folks. Instead, she’s become a permanent fixture in his house, except when she goes to work.

She Did What?!

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And not only was she still there, but she’s also eaten all of his food. Every last scrap of it – even his fruit loops!

He’s gone grocery shopping once during M’s stay, but she ate everything again and hadn’t offered to pay for any of it. What a joke!

He Wanted to Know When She Was Going

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Feeling frustrated, OP asked M when she was planning to move out, but she didn’t have an answer for him.

When he asked for money to replace the food she had eaten, she claimed her work hadn’t paid her yet.

That Doesn’t Sound Right!

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He thinks five weeks is a long time to go without a paycheck, and he couldn’t help but feel like something fishy was going on.

So, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Instead of buying groceries, he started eating all of his meals at work or restaurants.

Where’s the Food?

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When M recently asked about grocery shopping, he claimed he was too busy with work to do it himself. She offered to go shopping for “us,” but only if he gave her the money!

He declined, insisting that he was too busy to cook at home.

She Was Not Happy

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And that’s when things started to go sour. M accused OP of being cheap and controlling.

She thinks he’s trying to use food as a way to manipulate her or, worse yet, that he was trying to make a move on her!

He Was Shocked

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He was utterly flabbergasted when she said that. He had never considered anything romantic between them, and he was pretty sure that M wasn’t interested in him in that way either.

She’s Acting Like She Was Owed Something

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But what bothered him was that she seemed to think that he owed her something. He was already letting her stay in his house rent-free, which was a pretty big deal.

And yet, she felt entitled to his food as well. It was like she had no respect for his boundaries or his property.

He’s Seen Another Side

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As the days wore on, OP started to see a side of M that he hadn’t seen before.

He thinks she’s acting entitled, demanding, and ungrateful. She seems to believe that the world owes her something, and that includes OP’s food.

And Now He’s Struggling

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He still thinks she’s beautiful, but he’s struggling with their relationship now, hence his post to Reddit. He needed to find out if he was in the wrong for not embracing the situation and paying her way.

Redditors, however, overwhelmingly thought that M was not acting like a friend and was using OP for food and security.

They felt that he was being too nice, letting her stay so long, and that the situation had the potential to go sideways really badly.

One user said, “Tell her to leave immediately. She can go back to her husband or stay with relatives. She’s been taking advantage of you. Stop letting her.”

What do you think about this story? Do you think M is taking advantage of her high-school friend? Or is she just in a really bad place and he’s not being fair?

With an unwanted roommate. Our article has been inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Mama Say What?!​​

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