His Boss Stole His Super Bowl Tickets, so He Lost Him His Top Client – The Best Bit, the Client Was in on It!

A guy made waves on Reddit recently when he posted on the pro-revenge board. He told a gripping tale about the time his old boss stole his Super Bowl tickets that a client had gifted him and how the client had helped him take revenge!

A Big Niners Fan

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The Original Poster (OP) is a huge 49ers fan, the kind of fan who would tailgate all day in the parking lot.

A few years ago, the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl, and the OP was determined to be there to cheer his team on.

Everyone at Work Knows His Passion

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OP worked at a consulting firm with a handful of accounts he would interact with directly. One client, in particular, knew how big of a Niners fan he was.

OP was the day-to-day lead on his account, and the two had become friends.

They Were Good Friends

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They often grabbed drinks or dinner after their meetings. The client wanted to gift OP a pair of extra company seats for the Super Bowl as a gift.

A Great Thank You Gift!

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The tickets were a thank you for his hard work and dedication to their account. The client passed the tickets over to the partner on his account (A guy called DP) to give to OP as a surprise.

A Sad Super Bowl Result!

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The game came and went, the 49ers lost, and it sucked.

His Client Tipped Him Off

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The next time OP met with his client, they went to drinks afterward, and the client mentioned, “Hey, by the way, why didn’t you go to the game? I heard someone else was in your seats.”

He was confused and answered, “What game?”

The client said, “The Super Bowl!”

He Didn’t Have a Clue

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He had no idea what the client was talking about. The client looked shocked and told him to quietly ask about it and get back to him.

What a Joke!

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When OP was back in the office the next week, he found out through one of the secretaries that DP had given a pair of Super Bowl tickets to another one of his clients as a gift from their company.

He Was Furious

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He was furious. He might have let this sort of thing go to keep the peace under different circumstances, but these were seats on the 30-yard line to see the 49ers play in the Super Bowl!

He Thought the Client Could Help

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He considered confronting DP himself but realized the client had noticed he wasn’t there in the first place. If he let the client handle it, there would be no blowback on him.

He Sent Some Texts

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So, he texted the client, “It appears that those tickets were given to another of our firm’s clients.”

In all caps, the client immediately texted, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??” Then, “pretend I never told you, let me handle it.”

Plans Were Made

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The client followed up with OP about formulating a plan. The client asked their firm to meet in his office a few days later.

The client requested that DP be present, which is not entirely unusual, so OP and DP hopped on a flight the next week and headed to their office.

He Was Walking Into a Bad Situation

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Little did DP know, the client had orchestrated a wonderfully awkward little show to catch him red-handed.

When they entered the conference room, it was all the usual suspects and a woman in her 30s they didn’t recognize.

Who’s This?

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The client immediately introduced them: “DP; this is S Suchandsuch, VP from [other department]. She wanted to sit in on this meeting. Hey [OP] you must already know her from the Super Bowl!”

She then responded as she went to shake his hand, “Oh, I don’t think so. Did we meet there? I’m sorry if I forgot.”

The client responded, “Jeez, Steph, how much did you have to drink? They were sitting right next to you!

OP said, “Sorry, client, I wasn’t there. Are you thinking of someone else?”

He Must Be Having a Nightmare

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At this point, DP began to look visibly uncomfortable as the gears in his brain started turning, trying to devise an excuse.

But his thoughts are stopped in their tracks when S says, “no, [so and so] from [other company] were in the other seats. By the way, I was wondering why we gave company seats to those guys. Is there a project we’re working with them on that I don’t know about?”

There was no way they would be working together – they were in entirely different industries.

He’s So Nervous

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DP makes one more stressed noise before the client speaks over him. He said, “I gave you those tickets for [OP]?”

At this point, DP is turning bright red. He says that OP couldn’t make it, so he must have given the seats to someone else and turned to OP, looking for cover.

OP Is Not Going to Give Him the Time of Day

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But OP is stone-cold. He responds incredulously, “what?! Client, you gave me tickets to the Super Bowl?!”

The client raised his voice and said to DP, “those tickets were a personal thank-you gift from me to [OP]. Did you give them away to someone else? Was it another client??

He Wanted to Curl Into a Ball

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DP was incredibly uncomfortable at this point. He mumbled something about an office mistake and then went completely silent.

The final words from the client? “I think this meeting is over!”

A Winning Result

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In the end, the client switched all his accounts with that particular partner to another and invoiced him for the RESALE price of the Super Bowl tickets – over $10,000 each!

He also made them apologize to OP and refused to do business through anyone but OP or another partner!

A great result, and while OP was still sad he missed out on those 49ers tickets, he was happy that the client had stuck up for him!

What do you think about this revenge tale? It must have felt good for OP to get his revenge on his horrible boss finally!

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