His Girlfriend Ghosted Him After 5 Years – The Reason Was a Shock to Him

Hold on tight! This story of how this guy’s girlfriend ghosted him after five years of friendship is a real emotional rollercoaster.

He needed to get it off his chest and had been struggling to process it – talking about it helped him with that.

He’s in Love

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The Original Poster (OP) has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for two years. They were best friends for three years before dating and have been through a lot together.

A Traumatic Life

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His girlfriend has sadly experienced a number of traumatic life events, including being mugged, being drugged by someone, and having a verbally abusive father.

But He’s Looked After Her

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Throughout all these events, OP has been a constant source of support for her, even when she tried to push him away multiple times.

She has struggled with depression, anxiety, and her mental health in general, for as long as he has known her.

She Was Mugged

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Recently, his girlfriend was mugged and had her phone stolen. This was when things started going south for our storyteller.

And Then She Went MIA

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After the mugging, his girlfriend went MIA and stopped talking to OP. She wasn’t talking to any of her family, as her sister contacted him asking where she was, but he didn’t have any answers.

She’d Worried Him but Was Finally in Contact

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Eventually, she contacted them through her friend’s phone and said she was fine and that they shouldn’t worry.

She also mentioned that the mugging triggered her anxiety again, and she was thinking about going back to a mental health facility she’d stayed at previously.

But Then She Went MIA Again!

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Days went by, and OP still hadn’t heard from her. He began to worry that something bad had happened to her in her apartment.

He couldn’t go to her because the building guards would only let him in the complex if he called her first, and for some reason, she wasn’t using the spare phone he had given her.

He Bumped Into Her on a Night Out

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One day, OP saw his girlfriend at a club with her friend and two random guys.

She looked different from her usual self, with unkempt hair and a slightly dirty and un-ironed shirt.

A Deer in Headlights

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OP confronted her, and her friend dragged her away, shouting at him. She didn’t say a word the entire time and looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

She Finally Reached Out

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Five days later, she sent OP a message on Instagram, apologizing for ghosting him. It had been over three weeks at this point.

She said it was because she didn’t know how to break up with him without losing the friendship. OP found this confusing because she had also been avoiding speaking to her family.

He Was Hurt

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Her actions hurt him. OP felt that he deserved at least a conversation since they had been best friends for three years before dating.

He had been worried about her for weeks, calling and texting everyone in her life, and all she could do was send one message on Instagram!

He thought there was more to her story, but he didn’t know what.

She Knew What It Felt Like

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He thought that she’d been incredibly unfair to him. When she got drugged, her friend ghosted her, and it hurt her so much.

OP was there to hold her while she was crying, and he was always there for her.

So she knew what it was like to be ghosted by someone you care about, and yet she still did it to him.

He’d Lost Someone Important

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The hardest part of this breakup for OP was losing his best friend.

He had developed a habit of checking their chats every time he picked up his phone, and now he had to delete the chats and her number.

It was tough for him, but he knew he needed to move on.

A Bottle of Tequila and Some Bombshells

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A few weeks later, OP messaged her asking to meet up with him, so he could finally get some understanding and closure.

They had a bottle of tequila and a very tough conversation. During this conversation, she dropped a bombshell on OP.

He Was Devastated

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She told him she began avoiding him after losing her phone because she had found someone else!

A 43-year-old rich guy who sent her money! OP couldn’t believe it – “I knew she had daddy issues, but being a gold-digger is new!”

He Couldn’t Get Over It

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This information hit him hard, and he spent the next few days reeling from it. He was hurt, angry, and disappointed. But he knew he had to move on.

At Least Some Good Came From It

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One positive thing came from this relationship – this experience made him realize he had abandonment issues from his own father never being around.

He always stuck around and tried to help people no matter how bad it got and how much it affected him because he didn’t want to abandon them as he was.

He Was Going to Work on Himself

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He knew he needed to work through his abandonment issues and learn to let go of people who weren’t good for him.

It was a painful process, but he was determined to come out stronger on the other side! At least now he can finally start moving on.

Reddit users were there to offer this man support. One said, “I’m sorry man. That’s never fun news to hear. I’ve seen enough of these to bet that she’ll come back around sooner or later.”

“Just remember the sting that she left you with. You’re way better off without all of that and deserve someone who cares and loves you the way you care and love back. All the best.”

What do you think about this guy’s story? Have you ever had someone ghost you, or have you ever ghosted someone?​​

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