His Girlfriend’s Prank Went Way Too Far and After He Was Left Exposed in Front of Everyone He Left Their Vacation Early!

Have you ever been pranked by someone you trusted? This young man certainly has! He took to Reddit the other day to ask if he’d been a jerk for leaving a trip early because his girlfriend “pranked” him in front of all her friends and family.

A Holiday With His Partner’s Family

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The Original Poster (OP) is a 20-year-old guy who went on a beach trip in Queensland with his girlfriend of eight months and her family and friends.

She Had Other Plans

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It was supposed to be a week-long vacation where he’d get to know them all, but little did he know that his girlfriend had a “prank” planned for him.

He Was Excited to Meet Everyone

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He was so excited to go on this beach trip with his girlfriend, family, and friends. They had been planning this trip for weeks, and he couldn’t wait to get to know everyone better.

A Great Summer Vacation

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The first couple of days were great; they swam, sunbathed, and played games on the beach. It was a perfect holiday. But on the third day, things took a turn for the worse.

River Floating Fun

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They all decided to go river floating, which sounded like a lot of fun to him.

He packed his bag, ensured he had everything he needed, including his swim trunks, and headed to the river with his girlfriend and crew.

That’s Kind of Her!

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Once they arrived, OP realized he couldn’t find his swim trunks. He searched his bag, but they were nowhere to be found.

His girlfriend told him not to worry and handed him a new pair of navy blue swim trunks she had packed in case he lost his. What a lovely gesture, he thought!

What a Lovely Day!

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He didn’t think much of it, quickly changed into his new trunks, and joined everyone in the river. The water was cool, and the scenery was beautiful. It was the perfect day for river floating!

Until His Trunks Ripped!

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But then things took a turn for the worse. About three minutes into the float, OP’s trunks started to feel baggy, and he could feel a piece of fabric falling off.

He Thought It Was Because They Were Cheap

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He looked down and saw that his trunks were starting to fall apart! He chalked it up to them being poor quality, but the reality was entirely different!

This was only the beginning of OP’s nightmare.

Suddenly He Was Naked!

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As they approached the rapids, the water started to get rougher, and suddenly, OP’s trunks were torn off by the water, leaving him completely naked in front of his girlfriend’s friends and family.

They Found It Hilarious!

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They all started laughing, pointing, and making fun of him. He felt humiliated and exposed. He tried to cover himself with the last piece of his torn trunks, but it wasn’t enough.

He had to spend the rest of the day with the water up to his shoulders, feeling awkward and embarrassed.

It Was the Most Embarrassing Moment of His Life

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Whenever they were in shallow water, he had to stand up and walk in front of everyone, exposed and vulnerable.

His girlfriend’s friends and family didn’t make things any better.

They Body Shamed Him

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They made jokes and comments about his body, and even her young cousins commented on the size and shape of his private parts when he couldn’t cover himself. Talk about humiliating!

He was beyond mortified. He had never felt so trapped and humiliated in his entire life. He just wanted to go back to the hotel room and hide under the covers for the rest of the day.

When they finally got back to the beach, he ran to get his towel, covering himself with his hands. His trunks had completely ruined his day.

His Girlfriend Found It Funny

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As soon as they got back to their room, OP changed into clothes, trying to forget the day’s events.

But his girlfriend came in giggling to herself, asking him if he liked his new swim trunks.

It Was a Horrible Prank All Along!

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He was confused and asked her what she meant. That’s when his girlfriend revealed that she had ordered prank-dissolving swim trunks and had replaced OP’s real ones with them.

How Did She Think This Was Funny?

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He was beyond livid! He couldn’t believe that his girlfriend had purposely exposed and violated him in front of her friends and family.

He was so angry that he started yelling, and his girlfriend told him to calm down, saying that it was only a joke. But for OP, it was anything but a joke.

He Packed Up and Left

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He left that night and didn’t call his girlfriend the next day.

But She Thinks He’s in the Wrong?!

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She ended up calling him screaming, acting like he was the one who had wronged her, saying that she had worked hard for this trip and that he was being immature.

But OP didn’t want to be around someone who would humiliate him like that, especially considering that her own family and friends joined in!

He Can’t Move Past It

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Even if she did apologize, OP would struggle to move forward. He feels like he’d never forget this when interacting with her family and friends.

And he’s worried that they would always bring it up as a joke and reminisce about that hilarious prank.

He wanted to know if he’d been wrong to leave the holiday, but Redditors overwhelmingly agreed with his decision.

One user said, “that’s so awful. Please reconsider this relationship. She does not sound like someone that will make you feel safe and loved.”

What do you think about his girlfriend’s prank? Was it good banter, or did she cross the line? What would you have done in that situation?

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