His New Neighbors Didn’t Appreciate His Friendly Gestures, but in the Ultimate ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, He Got the Upper Hand

A Redditor’s post on the malicious compliance board went viral recently. In it, a man described how he got some petty revenge on a new neighbor that had shouted at him for being neighborly.

It’s Cold Over There

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The original poster (OP) is a 59-year-old man who lives in a small subdivision in Ontario, Canada.

What a Nice Neighbor!

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He has five neighbors on his street and is known for putting his neighbors’ windshield wipers up during the winter to prevent them from getting frozen to their windshields!

Night Shift

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He works nights and does this regularly when he leaves for his overnight shift at around 8-9 pm.

This Sounds Like a Great Neighborhood

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His neighbors always appreciate this small act of kindness and make sure to always thank him for it.

Some of them have even started doing it themselves on nights when OP forgets – it’s become a sort of neighborhood tradition.

It’s a small way of looking out for each other, and it’s heartening to see how everyone comes together during the cold winter months.

A New Family Recently Moved In

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However, things took a turn for the worse when a new family moved in from Montreal last week. It was a young couple with two young children.

He Was Just Doing the Neighborly Thing

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The other night, it was snowing heavily, and OP was doing his usual quick walk around to put the windshield wipers up on his neighbors’ cars before he left for work.

It was snowing really heavily, and it was absolutely freezing out.

They were supposed to be getting almost 30cm of snow, and he knew that it would be a nightmare for anyone looking to drive in the morning.

He Was Reluctant but Knew It Would Help Them Out

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He hesitated a little when he reached the new neighbor’s house because he had only introduced himself once.

Nevertheless, he proceeded to put the windshield wipers up on their pickup truck.

The New Neighbors Exploded!

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As he was doing so, the husband charged out of his front door, yelling, “HEY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO MY TRUCK?”

OP tried to explain that he was just trying to help, but the husband continued to yell at him and ordered him to get off his property and not touch his things again!

To top it off, the wife joined in and started yelling at him too!

They Didn’t Want to Know

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OP apologized and walked away, while some of his other neighbors who heard the commotion came outside to see what was happening.

They also tried to explain to the new neighbor that it was just something everyone in the neighborhood did to help each other out, but to no avail – these new neighbors just wouldn’t listen!

After His Night Shift

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Fast forward to the following day, and OP was coming home from his overnight shift.

As he was walking in, he saw the new neighbor’s wife struggling outside to break the ice off the windshield wipers of their truck.

She was trying to take her kids to school, and the wipers, unsurprisingly, were frozen solid to the car.

He Got His Revenge

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Then an opportunity presented itself to OP. His new neighbor, who had been screaming and swearing at him the night before, asked for his help! What a joke!

He wittily hit back at her, saying, “No, sorry, thought I was to never touch your stuff again, ma’am,” before walking inside!

She did not take this well and yelled back at him, “wow, you’re such a jerk!”

His Wife Wasn’t Pleased

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OP later told his wife about what happened, and it caused a bit of an argument! His wife thought he should have helped the neighbor because she was just trying to get her kids to school.

However, he disagreed with his wife and said that he was just following what the new neighbor had told him.

A Hilarious Story

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It’s unfortunate that the new neighbor misunderstood a small act of kindness, and it’s even more disappointing that they were unwilling to listen to reason.

However, OP’s response to the wife’s request for help was hilarious, and it’s hard not to chuckle at the thought of her frustration as she struggled with the frozen windshield wipers.

It’s always funny when people like that get what they want and yet still complain!

She Should Have Apologized

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It’s telling that her response to his reminder of what she and her husband had said resulted in her calling him a name instead of apologizing and admitting she needed help.

If she’d just been more humble, OP would have helped her, but she couldn’t even do that!

A Little Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way

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It’s a reminder that sometimes, despite our best intentions, things may not always work out as we hope. However, it’s important to continue being kind to others, even if they don’t reciprocate or appreciate our efforts.

Reddit users loved this guy’s tale. One user said, “neighbor made her bed, time for her to permanently lay in it. “Kids” are not a get out of jail free card for bad behavior (nor should they be used as a tactical weapon in society in general).”

Do you think this man acted appropriately? His neighbor was rude, but should he have taken the higher ground and helped her?

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