On Her Last Day as a Barista She Decided to Let a Jerk of a Customer Know Exactly How She Felt

A Reddit user described their last day as a Starbucks barista and how they wanted to end their coffee-making days in revenge. OP used to work as a Starbucks barista.

A Very Particular Woman

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OP describes one particular woman who would come in every morning and order a double-tall vanilla latte with 3/8ths of a pump of vanilla.

Trying to Appease Her

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OP emphasized the measurement as it was a very unusual request. It was not the typical “half a pump” request that they often hear from customers who wanted a drink that wasn’t too sweet.

She Was Never Happy With Her Drink

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OP said that this woman was very critical of the baristas’ work and always made them remake the order. She would claim that the drink was either too sweet or not sweet enough.

She Tricked the Woman

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After a while, OP began to catch on to this routine and pretend to make a new drink out of sight, even though she just returned the first drink.

She would go so far as to pull the steam wand and make big gestures behind the coffee machines to make it seem like she was making another drink.

The woman was satisfied with the “new” drink (even though it was the exact one she claimed was too sweet or not sweet enough).

The Woman Explodes at OP

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The woman came in twice on OP’s last day as a barista. She was being overly obnoxious and talking on her cell phone about “deals” and “assistants” to give the idea of how important she was in her job.

It was around 3 pm, the usual rush of teenagers came in after school, and OP was making lots of Frappuccinos with the blenders.

Since the coffee shop was so loud with the blenders going and steam wands being used, the woman looked at OP and screamed “GOD, I CAN BARELY HEAR MYSELF THINK!”

Finally Saying Something Back

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OP then replied, “Funny, I can still hear you complaining.” OP said she said this with as much snarkiness as she could.

OP then confessed to the woman that the drink she had been “re-making” all these times was actually just the same one the woman had critiqued every morning.

OP then said “Kinda embarrassing now that you know, right? 3/8th is half a pump for all intents and purposes here ma’am.”

At this point, the woman lost her cool entirely.

She Tried to Get Her Fired!

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The woman demanded that the manager fire OP on the spot or else she was going to call corporate and they were going to lose her business.

The Last Time She Would See Her

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OP’s manager told the woman that it was indeed OP’s last day and that the best he could do would be to send her home early. Dissatisfied, the woman decided to call the corporate office.

After waiting on hold for two hours outside the coffee shop, not liking the response she received, she threw her glasses, called OP some names in front of all the other customers and ran to her car.

What Do You Think?

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Many Reddit users praised OP for her actions, calling them their hero. One wrote that they dream of doing this themselves and envied OP’s boldness. They wrote “Every time I’ve quit a job, I’ve always secretly wished someone would be extra rude to me so I could just say exactly what I wanted without fear of repercussions. It’s never happened, sadly. Congrats on living the dream!”

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