Family Dispute: The Removal of a 72-Year-Old Mother-In-Law Raises Questions of Justifiability

Nicole, a 36-year-old pregnant mother, found herself in a difficult situation that left her wondering if she had done the right thing. Her story revolves around her 72-year-old mother-in-law, Jane, and the events that unfolded one fateful evening. Was she at fault? Let’s take a look.

A Well-Meaning but Quirky Mother-In-Law

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Jane, at the age of 72, was known to be sweet and warm, a contrast to the typical overbearing mother-in-law. 

Contradictory Traits

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However, she had her traits that sometimes bordered on being over-controlling or overprotective. 

The Kitchen Takeover

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When Jane visited her son’s home, she would take over the kitchen, preparing all the meals. Her cooking skills were undeniable, but she had an uncanny habit of organizing things in a way that only made sense to her.

This quirk extended to putting everything in the wrong places, all while insisting her way was the most logical.

Jane’s Holiday Visits

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Despite these quirks, Jane primarily visited during holidays, and Nicole genuinely liked her. 

A Baby on the Way

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Nicole was currently expecting a baby girl, which was a miraculous surprise given the circumstances. She and her husband both worked long hours, and the prospect of handling a baby on top of that was daunting. 

Jane’s Generous Offer

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Jane, being emotionally invested in their family, offered to stay for six months to help them prepare for the baby’s arrival. Nicole appreciated the gesture, as her intentions were good.

A Surprise for Nicole

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Upon her arrival, Jane began her preparations for the baby by diving into cleaning. 

Clutter or Collectibles

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Nicole was fond of collecting various items from garage sales, such as little sculptures, books, and baskets, which Jane viewed as clutter.

Their house, while quite full, wasn’t a hoarder’s haven. Jane, on the other hand, had a preference for a surgically clean environment.

The Great Decluttering

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One fateful day, Nicole returned from work to find her home in disarray. Jane had decided to declutter and had disposed of items she considered junk, making several trips to Goodwill! 

Nicole’s Outrage

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Nicole was furious and asked Jane for an explanation. Jane’s response was that the house had to be spotless for the baby’s sake – she thought Nicole’s clutter was a safety hazard.

Left Without a Home

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Jane attempted to leave the house with yet another bag of Nicole’s items, which triggered Nicole, and she flew into a rage! She told Jane that she needed to leave immediately.

This took Jane by surprise, as she was left without a place to go, and it was already 9:30 in the evening. Nicole arranged for a hotel room and called a taxi to ensure her mother-in-law had a place to stay for the night.

Her Husband’s Fury

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An hour later, Nicole’s husband arrived home and was filled with fury when he heard what had transpired! He told Nicole that she had disrespected his mom and was ungrateful, considering everything Jane had been trying to do for their family. 

Nicole’s Dilemma

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Nicole wasn’t sure if she’d overreacted, so she took to Reddit asking if she was in the wrong. And boy, did Redditors have plenty to say!

The consensus was clear: Nicole was not the one at fault, but the real issue seemed to be her husband’s failure to address the situation.

One Redditor offered a balanced perspective, saying, “You may want to consider why she did that. Your house may actually be cluttered with junk, and she was helping.”

Addressing the Real Issue

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Another Redditor pointed out that Nicole might have a husband problem, saying, “You have a husband problem and you probably need to ask him if he gave her the green flag to ‘tidy’ up.” 

The issue of Nicole’s husband’s role in the situation was reiterated by another Redditor, who exclaimed, “You need to talk to your husband, and then MIL, but I suspect the husband has some explaining to do. Cause this is wild.” The community echoed the sentiment that Nicole’s husband needed to step up and support her in setting boundaries.

Intrusive Cleanup

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The focus shifted to Jane’s actions and the impact they had on Nicole. One Redditor expressed their concern, stating, “What your MIL did crossed every line for a guest in anyone’s home, and, in fact, you could make a very good case for theft of your belongings.” 

Some Redditors questioned the wisdom of inviting Jane to stay for such an extended period, given her controlling nature. They noted, “Not a jerk, but who in their right mind invites their mom/mil to stay at their house six months before the baby is due? That’s insane, sorry.”

Clear Boundaries

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The overwhelming consensus from Redditors seemed to be that Nicole was not in the wrong and that her mother-in-law’s actions were out of line.

Many suggested that she needed to address the issue with her husband and establish clear boundaries to avoid further conflicts in the future.

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