Restaurant Kept Her Parents Birthday Party Waiting for Two Hours and Then Denied Them Seating! She Had to Have Her Revenge!

This Redditor’s tale of petty revenge is incredibly satisfying! She described how she got revenge on a restaurant that didn’t honor her reservation that she’d booked months ago!

A Joint Birthday Party for the In-Laws

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It was supposed to be a weekend of celebration in the wine country for the Original Poster’s (OP) in-laws’ birthdays.

She’s a strong and capable woman and took on the task of planning the festivities.

She Made Her Booking Months in Advance

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She made a reservation for a group of 10 at an upscale restaurant that also doubled as a winery.

She made the reservation months beforehand to ensure everything would go smoothly on the day of the celebration!

They Arrived Early So They Could Sample the Wine

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As it was also a winery, the group arrived two hours early to take advantage of the vineyard and sample some delicious wine.

OP was excited about the birthday party, but little did she know that her expectations were about to be dashed.

It Was Annoying!

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Upon arrival at the restaurant, the group checked in with the hostess to see if they could be seated earlier than their reservation time.

The restaurant was empty at the time, so OP thought it would be no problem. However, the hostess informed them that they could not be seated earlier.

Let’s Enjoy the Atmosphere

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The group understood, though, after all, it could be due to a staffing issue – it was no big deal. The group decided to hang out, listen to some live music, and enjoy the wine in the meantime.

Finally, Feeding Time!

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Close to their reservation time, OP received a text from the restaurant informing them that they could be seated.

Wait, What?!

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The group walked over to the hostess stand, only to be told that they could not be seated because it was raining and their table was outdoors!

She Tried to Stay Calm

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OP, trying to remain calm, explained to her that she’d had a reservation for months.

She said, “I’ve been here for two hours, and you’ve not informed me that my reservation was for an outdoor table or that it could be affected by the rain!”

It Was Entirely Their Fault

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There was no indoor or outdoor option when booking, so why would they make it an issue now?

She mentioned that it was a 60th and 64th birthday party and asked if they could split the group between tables.

A Rude Response

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The hostess and manager, however, just kept saying that there was nothing they could do and that it wasn’t their fault because “we can’t control the weather.” What a joke!

The frustration was palpable, and OP couldn’t help but snap a little and say sharply, “well, what you could have done was not reserve a table for a large party that you could not guarantee!”

The manager just shrugged, and the group left the restaurant, disappointed and hungry.

She Ended Up Having to Cook for Ten!

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To make matters worse, it was a Saturday at 6:00 p.m., and there was no way they were going to find another restaurant that could accommodate their party of 10.

OP, being the resourceful person that she is, had to go to the grocery store and cook a full meal for the full group.

She Was Furious

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The experience was terrible, and OP wanted to make it right. She emailed the restaurant manager to ask if they could comp anything, but she received no response even after a week!

She Decided to Take to the Reviews

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So she took matters into her own hands and made ten different Gmail accounts to leave one-star reviews for the restaurant.

In each review, she detailed how the restaurant had failed to accommodate their reservation, how they didn’t try to find them a table at another restaurant, how they booked a table they couldn’t guarantee, and how they didn’t provide any compensation or make any attempt to fix their error.

Then the Restaurant Noticed

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The reviews did not go unnoticed, and the restaurant’s Google rating dropped two stars!

Several days after she posted the reviews, the restaurant reached out to OP, offering to comp a meal for her in-laws if the group took down the reviews.

It Was Too Little, Too Late

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But OP refused, feeling that the restaurant was only doing it for the wrong reasons and not to genuinely make their customers happy.

She Was Dismayed

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OP couldn’t help but feel frustrated and disappointed by the whole experience.

She had planned the perfect weekend celebration, only for it to get derailed by the incompetence of the restaurant and the lack of effort to fix their mistake.

The lesson learned was that sometimes, even with the best planning and intentions, outside forces can interrupt even the best-intended plans.

Reddit’s Diabolical Responses

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Reddit users shared in the misery of OP and understood her frustration. They shared similar experiences and diabolically discussed how OP could take their revenge to the next level!

One user said, “This is where you edit the one-star reviews to mention that the restaurant offered to comp a meal if you take the one-star review down.”

“Tell them you’ll consider it for the 70th/66th birthday parties. Given that this was “in wine country,” that comped meal would require planning a whole ‘nother vacation…

What do you think about this story? Do you think the restaurant acted unprofessionally and owed her some compensation?

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