She Took Revenge on Her Sister-In-Law After Ruining Her Pregnancy Announcement, for the Second Time!

This Reddit story of petty revenge recently went viral, and once you’ve read it, you’ll be laughing! A pregnant woman tells how she got even with her cruel sister-in-law, who was obsessed with her and her husband.

She’s a Strong Mom

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This woman is not one to mess with, especially when it comes to her family.

But Her Sister-In-Law Has an Issue With Her

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When her sister-in-law ruined her first pregnancy announcement by gossiping about it, she knew she had to take matters into her own hands.

She Wanted to Wait Before Announcing It

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So when the Original Poster (OP) got pregnant for the second time, she decided to wait until she was 20 weeks to announce it on social media.

She hoped that this would reduce the chances of any negative comments from her sister-in-law.

Her Sister-In-Law Couldn’t Help Herself

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But alas, OP’s sister-in-law’s ugliness reared its head again. She took to her public Facebook bio and wrote, “ffs be more consistent on your birth control 💀.”

A Sneaky Move

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The sneaky sister-in-law put it in her bio rather than a public post, but OP thought she would try something like this.

One day she had an anxious feeling in her gut, checked out her sister-in-law’s Facebook, and voila, there it was!

She Was Shocked but Tried Not to Let It Get To Her

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This comment shocked OP to her core. She couldn’t believe her sister-in-law would go to such lengths to insult her unborn child and her family. She says it didn’t feel real and thought that it definitely crossed a line.

But OP tried not to be phased by her sister-in-law’s actions. She knew that her sister-in-law’s negativity was a reflection of her own insecurities.

She’d Done Stuff Like This Before

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It baffled her how people could have such a mindset like this. She understood growing apart as friends, but trying to ruin someone’s reputation for no reason was just insane to her.

Back in the Day

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The backstory to this feud goes back a few years when her sister-in-law started gossiping about OP, trying to make her look bad in front of others.

When she realized OP was going to become part of her family she started seeing her as competition.

It’s odd because her sister-in-law, who was originally her friend, had introduced her to her brother. But somewhere along the line, her sister-in-law regretted it.

Her Sister-In-Law’s Husband Wasn’t Best Pleased

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Despite her sister-in-law’s constant harassment, OP remained strong. Her sister-in-law’s husband didn’t like his wife’s behavior, but he seemed like an enabler. He was used to it by now.

And it wasn’t just OP who had problems with her sister-in-law. Everyone who knew her had some weird experience or issues with her.

They Were Going to Have an Intervention

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OP knew she had to do something to stop her sister-in-law’s harassment. Her husband was going to have an intervention-style meeting with their in-laws, his sister, her sister-in-law, and her husband.

He was going to ask her what she was trying to do and tell her to stop. But OP was nervous about the meeting because she felt like her husband talking to her sister-in-law should be enough.

Their in-laws had even talked to her a few days ago, and she didn’t seem to care. So what approach could they take now?

A Restraining Order?!

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OP even thought of getting a restraining order, but she didn’t know if that was the most effective route for online petty stuff – especially with the anonymity the internet provides!

She and her husband had already taken an aggressive approach when her sister-in-law first started – they had yelled at her a few times, but she didn’t care!

Her Sister-In-Law Has Issues

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OP is shocked by how petty and vindictive her sister-in-law has acted and can’t believe she has such a massive chip on her shoulder.

Her sister-in-law is older than both her and her husband but is clearly a lot less mature!

She Had to Get Some Revenge

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OP knew she had to do something to get back at her sister-in-law. So, she came up with a plan.

Her TikTok Went Viral!

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She made a TikTok video with a screenshot of her sister-in-law’s Facebook bio and shared it with her followers.

The video went viral; now, over 80k people have seen it and commented on how jealous and weird her sister-in-law is!

She Finally Felt Validated

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OP finally felt validated seeing all the comments ripping into her mean sister-in-law. She’s felt so lonely being targeted by this one woman for so long.

Her Sister-In-Law Has Trolled Her in the Past

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But the story doesn’t end there. Five weeks ago, OP caught her sister-in-law making fake TikTok accounts to make hateful comments on all of her videos.

And She’s Seen the TIKTOK!

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And now, with this TikTok revenge video, she knew her sister-in-law would find it soon enough. And she did. Her sister-in-law made three to four burner accounts to comment hate on this new video!

A Satisfying Conclusion

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OP finally got one over on this woman that’s had it out for her for so long, and it must have felt so satisfying! Especially when reading all the comments insulting her!

She Had to Look After Her Baby

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It’s one thing to not get along with someone, but it’s a whole other thing to attack them publicly, especially when it involves an innocent baby.

Hopefully, her sister-in-law will stop being so aggressive towards her – pregnancy is an inherently risky experience, and the last thing she needs is this added stress!

Reddit users loved this woman’s story. One user said, “If it makes you feel good and vindicated, that is what revenge is all about. Good for you, and good luck with the pregnancy.”

What do you think about this story? Should OP have taken the high ground and ignored her sister-in-law’s comments?

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