She Bided Her Time Until Her Children Had Grown and Then She Left Her Cheating Husband to Start a New Life – After 10 Years!

This woman’s story of long-awaited revenge is priceless. She discovered the ultimate betrayal and waited 10 long years to get the ultimate payback!

The Reason She’s Leaving

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This Original Poster (OP) decided to finally leave her husband, who had cheated on her a decade earlier.

She discovered the affair when their youngest child, then nine years old, had fallen sick at school and needed to be taken home early. 

Finding Out the Worst

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Upon arriving at their apartment, OP heard sounds coming from their bedroom. She understand immediately what was going on. 

Protecting Her Daughter

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Fearing for her daughter’s innocence and her own dignity, she had made loud noises to let them know that they were not alone. She still vividly remembers that day and cries every time she thinks about it.

Having a Hard Time Processing It

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The first year after the discovery was the most challenging for her. She felt insignificant, inadequate, and undesired. 

Trying to Make It Work

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She started therapy with her husband. He promised to do whatever it takes to make things work again.

They moved to a new apartment and even bought new furniture.

A Strange New Habit

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Strangely, she developed a new habit during this time, she would change the sheets every night before bed. 

Nothing Seemed to Be Enough

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None of this was as effective as the moment when she woke up one day and realized she was no longer in love with her husband. 

She Came to an Eye-Opening Conclusion

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After this realization, everything seemed easier moving forward. She saw him as a roommate and a great support in raising their children. 

Moving Forward

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They continued to be good friends and co-parents, and over the next ten years, they hardly ever fought. Together, they raised three beautiful, happy, and successful young people.

But, She Stopped Loving Him Completely

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When OP realized she no longer loved her husband, she also stopped caring about whether he would cheat again.

This had been one of her worst nightmares in the beginning, but she no longer cared as long as she could sleep in clean sheets every night. 

Making Plans to Start Over

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When their youngest daughter, now nineteen, got her own apartment contract around Christmas time, the woman knew she was free. 

The Plan Was Starting to Take Shape

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She began to set in motion her plans to move out and get a divorce. She found an apartment for herself and allowed her husband to continue living in their old apartment until they settled everything. 

Dropping the Bombshell on Her Husband

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When she told her husband about the divorce and handed him the papers, he was in shock. He was even more distraught when she moved out the day after their daughter did.

He Accused Her of Deception

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Now, OP’s husband is accusing her of deceiving him all these years. He can’t believe she acted like she was fine when she wasn’t, while he lived in regret every day for how he hurt her. 

She’s Not Listening to His Name Calling

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He says she is cold, calculated, and vindictive. But OP is not paying attention to any of these accusations. 

She Says She Did What Was Best for the Family

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She saw it as doing the best with what she was dealt to make a happy and content life for their children and their whole family, and she believes she succeeded.

She wonders what more anyone could ask of her.

What Redditors Said

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reseflickangbg said, “Clowns make $31k a year, and here is your husband, being one for free.”

Another user wrote, “You didn’t deceive him. You have been fine all these years. You just never told him why, and he clearly never asked.” 

What do you think? Was she being cold and calculated or putting her family first? What would you have done?

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