She Gave 2 Weeks Notice to Her Roommate, He’s Been Making Things Difficult, Even Asking Her to Move Out Early. She Refused!

On a recent Reddit thread, a 21-year-old woman is seeking advice on how to stand her ground after telling her roommate she is going to move out.

Her roommate is trying to push the boundaries of the lease agreement.

Trying to Keep the Peace

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The Original Poster (OP), a 21-year-old woman, is preparing to move out of her current apartment, which she shares with her 22-year-old male roommate. Their lease is coming to an end.

Despite working full-time and not being home often, she has some habits that may occasionally annoy her roommate, such as playing music when cleaning, leaving laundry in the bathroom (in a basket), and neglecting to do chores when she is tired.

She Told Him From the Beginning

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From the outset, OP has made it clear to her roommate that if she does anything to bother him, she would prefer he tell her, as it would upset her more if he did not say anything.

She Didn’t Like What He Said

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OP’s roommate made an inappropriate comment about one of her close friends and their cultural practices a few weeks ago. OP felt compelled to tell a separate friend about the situation.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when another friend who was aware of the situation informed OP that her roommate had been discussing how much he disliked OP on public discord servers and sharing details about her personal habits at home.

She Wanted Him to Be Honest With Her

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OP was not happy with her roommate’s behavior, as she had previously asked him to be honest with her.

She was offended by the way he discussed her private life with his large group of friends, as well as anyone else who might come across the conversations.

This Was Cruel

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It wouldn’t have bothered her if he were only venting to a small group of friends, the fact that her friends could come across the discussions and read them made the situation feel particularly cruel to her.

This was the final straw for OP. Previously her roommate and his friend had called her a transphobe and anti-Semitic over a game that she had been gifted by her 17-year-old sister for her birthday.

She had taken time off work to grieve the loss of a friend and had used the game as a distraction during that difficult time.

Deciding to Move Out

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OP decided it was time to move out. Although, she had concerns about the upcoming lease renewal and the conflicts with her roommate.

She Gave Him Notice

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She gave her roommate two months’ notice which she thought was sufficient time to find a replacement.

He had already begun searching for someone to take her place, even going as far as to schedule a viewing with a prospective tenant the previous weekend.

She Was Confused

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Although OP was initially confused by her roommate’s early search for a replacement, she did not question it as she believed it was his prerogative.

He Wanted Her to Leave Sooner

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However, her roommate later informed her that she would need to leave two weeks earlier than the lease renewal to allow him time to move his belongings into her bedroom and make it available for the new tenant to move in.

She Refused to Leave Earlier for His Request

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OP stood her ground and firmly refused her roommate’s request to vacate the apartment two weeks early.

It Was Her Legal Right

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She pointed out that it was her legal right to remain on the lease until the renewal date.

OP also explained that leaving earlier would put her in an awkward position, as she had prior commitments that required her to remain in the city until a specific date.

She went as far as to mention seeking legal consultation if her roommate continued to insist on her early departure.

She Was Planning to Leave

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OP started the process of moving her belongings into her room in preparation for her move. She left the furniture in the lounge while she began to organize herself.

He Was Using the Furniture That Was Hers

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However, she noticed that her roommate had taken the liberty of rearranging the entire layout of the lounge, which she didn’t mind as she was leaving.

However, what really annoyed her was that he had begun setting up his TV system on her cabinet, which he hadn’t asked to keep.

Instead of talking to him about it, OP decided to put the furniture that she had bought on marketplace.

The Reddit Community Weighs In

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Most of the Reddit commenters agree that OP is not in the wrong and that she should stand her ground until the lease is over.

Some users have advised that OP should notify the landlord of their roommate’s behavior and they should make sure to take all their belongings, including the cabinet that the roommate wants to keep.

Others have suggested that OP should be careful and lock their room and hide their valuables.

Some users have encouraged OP to move on and forget about their roommate, while others have advised her to take legal action if necessary.

Overall, the majority of the comments support the poster’s decision to stay until the end of the lease and to take their belongings with them.

What Do You Think? What Would You Do if You Were OP?

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