She Was All Set for Future Bliss Until Her Boyfriend Blindsided Her and Left Her for His Best Friend

She had the perfect relationship and they had mapped out their futures together. Until he confessed and changed everything.

The Best Years of Her Life

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At the age of 26, the Original Poster (OP) had been in a loving relationship for over 8 years.

Looking back, she considered those years the best years of her life. 

A Fairy Tale Relationship

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They never fought, always talked about their struggles and problems, and cherished each other’s company. It was almost like a fairy tale.

Helping Each Other Through Tough Times

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Their lives hadn’t always been perfect. Before they found each other, they both had difficult experiences that scarred them.

Her partner struggled with depression, and her dad mentally abused her for years. 

But together, they pulled each other out of their difficult situations and became better people.

Making Plans for the Future

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They had been through a lot together; the good and the bad. When her mom passed away last year, he was there for her, and they talked even more about their plans for the future. 

Wanting to Adopt a Cat

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They had even planned to adopt a cat.

The night before they visited the shelter, they discussed their future plans with her family, including marriage, kids, and a house.

Everything Changed the Next Morning

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But the next morning, everything changed. He broke up with her, telling her he never had any feelings for her, but he thought he did. 

She Didn’t See This Coming

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Instead, he had developed feelings for his best friend, a girl from another country whom he had met online about a decade ago and had met in person twice. 

He Developed Feelings for His Friend

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The realization of his feelings had come when his friend stayed with them about three weeks ago. He had decided to make their relationship official.

Now She Doesn’t Know What to Do

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She was devastated, as she had no clue about any of this. He had never mentioned anything was wrong, and they had kept making plans for their future. 

He Didn’t Even Try to Fix It

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She was hurt that he never thought about relationship therapy and was already moving on too fast.

It seemed like the 8.5 years they spent together didn’t mean anything to him.

Advice From Friends and Family

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OP’s friends and family were furious at her ex for the way he treated her, and she fully agreed with them.

She started to think more about the situation, and they talked a lot about it. 

The New Girl Doesn’t Have the Same Plans

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She learned that the new girl and his future plans don’t align at all. He always wanted a lot of kids, but she doesn’t want any.

Every time he spoke of his plans, it sounded more unrealistic to her. She thought sooner or later, he would realize that he wanted different things in life.

His Family Knew the Whole Time

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His family, who knew about the new girl, wanted to support him but also thought he was making a huge mistake. 

He Doesn’t Want to Be Friends

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She wanted to remain in his life, even as a friend, but she made it clear that she would not take him back if he ever realized he made a mistake.

She’s Devastated

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Right now, she’s living in her mom’s old house, which her brother owns.

She’s also hoping to adopt a cat soon, which was one of the plans she had with her ex before everything fell apart. 

What Should She Do?

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Despite the pain, she’s determined to move on with her life and create new plans for her future.

What Redditors Said

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One user wrote, “I suspect he’ll regret his decision. Do get a cat. It will help take your mind off of things.”

Another responded, “Even if the other girl is not right for him, he doesn’t want to be with you.” 

What do you think? Should she wait to see if he returns to her or try to move on? Has an ex ever moved on quickly after you broke up? What did you do?

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