She Was Surprisingly Fired From a Toxic Work Environment, Only to Have Them Need Her Back. But Now She Has the Upper Hand!

Nothing is worse than getting fired for something you didn’t do. It’s even worse when management tries to justify it by making up a reason!

That’s precisely what happened to this woman; luckily, her work paid the price!

A Hardworking Woman

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Meet the original poster (OP), a hardworking woman who gave her all to her job at a poorly managed nonprofit organization.

But little did she know that her dedication would soon be met with betrayal and injustice.

She Got the Job Through Family

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OP got her job at the organization because her boss was her mother-in-law. Her grandma also worked there part-time.

Despite the nepotism, OP worked tirelessly, going above and beyond her job responsibilities, even taking care of inventory, which was not her duty.

She Did What?!

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Trouble started when OP had a falling out with a coworker, who was also her good friend. On this day, while OP’s baby was in her coworker’s care, the baby rolled off the bed and got injured.

OP confronted her coworker, who denied any responsibility and even lashed out at her! The incident caused tension at work, with her coworker bad-mouthing OP every chance she got.

It Got Worse

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She thought the situation would resolve itself when her coworker left for a vacation, despite being advised not to take time off due to a workplace move.

But to OP’s surprise, she was the one who got fired instead.

She Didn’t Know What to Say

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Her employers told her that she was a “temporary employee” and her three-month contract was up, which was news to her.

OP was stunned at that moment; she ended up thanking her employers for the opportunity, and then they literally ran away!

When She’d Reflected on It She Was Furious

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But OP’s anger grew when she realized the shady and unfair treatment she had received. To add insult to injury, they asked her to train her replacement the same day she was fired!

Now Other Employees Are Quitting

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She left and didn’t hear from them again until her former coworker, who had caused trouble earlier, came back and told the big boss she quit because she didn’t have a ride.

The assistant kitchen manager also quit because she couldn’t handle the workload alone!

Three Employees Down in the Middle of a Huge Move

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The organization was now in chaos, with only two people left to handle the grunt work in the midst of a major move.

Desperate, the big boss called OP’s mother-in-law for help, and she suggested begging OP to come back since she did the work of two people.

They’ve All Asked for Him to Rehire Her

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Everyone at the organization has urged the big boss to rehire OP, but she has not received any calls from them yet.

She’s Planning Her Revenge

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In the meantime, OP was not one to take things lying down. She realized they had never given her a contract, and her direct boss had promised her a permanent full-time position.

She suspected that the organization deliberately avoided providing written contracts to engage in shady practices, which she believed was illegal. OP has decided to take action and plans to report them.

Shady Business Practices

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To make matters worse, OP’s grandma, who used to be in charge of the organization, was unfairly removed from her position by the big boss.

OP felt that the big boss had a bias against her family and had even commented that there were “too many last names in the kitchen.”

She Was Not Pleased by Her Treatment

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OP was furious and felt that she had been wronged by the organization. She had given her all to the job, but the organization had treated her poorly and fired her without warning.

However, the tables had turned, and the organization was now suffering without her.

But She Has the Upper Hand if They Try to Call

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OP felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that she had the upper hand, and she planned to take action against the organization for its unethical practices.

Her Absence Is Noticeable

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She had been a dedicated and hardworking employee, and her colleagues were clearly feeling her absence.

The chaos and panic caused by the sudden departure of three employees was a consequence of the organization’s poor management and mistreatment of its employees.

She Feels Empowered

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OP’s resolve has grown stronger as she has seen the organization struggling to cope with the aftermath of her departure.

She feels empowered to take action and hold the organization accountable for its unethical practices.

She knows that she deserves better treatment and that she has the right to be treated with respect and fairness in the workplace.

A Cautionary Tale

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OP’s story serves as a cautionary tale to others who may be in similar situations.

It’s important to stand up for yourself and not tolerate mistreatment in the workplace, but also to be aware of the potential consequences and to have a plan in place for the worst-case scenario.

It’s also a reminder that nepotism and favoritism can lead to a toxic work environment and should be addressed by employers before it’s too late. Redditors gave this woman some advice.

One user said, “Tell them you’ll come back for double the pay. You do the work of two; you get paid for two. Only stay long enough to find another job and then quit without notice.”

What do you think of this tale? Is it unfair dismissal?

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