When She Learned She Was the ”Other Woman” After a Bit of Internet Sleuthing, She Took It Upon Herself to Bring His Girlfriend up to Speed

It can be devastating when you find out that a trusted partner has been cheating on you. But what if you were to find out you’re the person that someone in a relationship is cheating with? That’s why this woman’s tale of revenge on an ex-partner is so perfect.

She Found Out Something Shocking

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The original poster (OP), a female in her late 20s/early 30s, had been seeing a man in his mid-late 30s, let’s call him Troy. After some time, OP discovered that Troy was in another relationship.

He had been private about his relationship on social media, so OP was unaware of his status. However, she found out that she was the “other woman” a few months ago.

She Was an Internet Detective

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OP did not have a social media account under her name. Instead, she had a fake account with no friends or activity that was a pseudonym, with the letters being an arranged combination of her name and her pet’s name.

She used this account to keep track of people without participating in normal social media or interacting that way.

She Knows How to Find Out Things

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One thing to know about OP is that she is extremely good at finding out things about people. She knows how to utilize what is public information, and what is voluntarily shared online, and understands connections.

She does not abuse this skill but uses it solely for her protection and safety.

He Is Clueless

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Troy had no idea she had the ability to investigate him. However, his address, LinkedIn with his education and work, the names of anyone who has lived with him, and who he is related to – all this information was on Google.

His Family Helped Revealed the Truth

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A family member of Troy’s posted pictures and tags of his current girlfriend, completely oblivious to the fact that he was cheating.

What a Horrible Blow

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OP was devastated by this revelation, especially because this man was the last one she had introduced to her terminally ill father before he passed away.

Troy had promised OP that he would love her and be there for her after her father passed away. He knew that her dad meant the world to her, but he still chose to use her.

She’s Not Wrong!

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OP was heartbroken and angry, but she knew that Troy’s girlfriend was also a victim and deserved the truth.

She Begins Gathering Information

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Determined to get revenge, OP started gathering information. She found the girlfriend’s name, address, her sister’s information, and other immediate family members.

She printed out the conversations between herself and Troy, proving that he was cheating on his girlfriend.

Well Detailed

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She also wrote an apology to the girlfriend, explaining that she would not have done this if she had known about the relationship.

OP included a detailed explanation of how she found out about Troy’s relationship, showing her process of finding everything out.

She Has a Network of Friends

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OP put everything in an envelope and sent it to a trusted friend in a different state, who then forwarded it to the girlfriend.

OP also sent flowers to the girlfriend as a kind of apology, claiming that they were from an anonymous person.

Unfortunately, Troy took credit for them! OP found out when his girlfriend thanked him on social media.

She’s an Expert Actor

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OP manipulated Troy into believing that she was someone he just wanted out of his life. She painted herself as a toxic person to someone trying to better themselves, and he fell for it.

She convinced him that it was okay to have a clean slate and that he needed to cut all ties with her.

What a Good Guy

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Eventually, Troy broke it off with OP, believing that he was the good guy who was dodging a bullet.

He thought he could work on his relationship with his girlfriend without any guilt. However, OP was not finished yet.

She Deleted All Contact

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She convinced Troy to send her screenshot proof that all their messages had been deleted. She also managed to access his iCloud account, which he had left logged in on her computer.

She deleted all backups of their information and pictures from his account and email.

There’s No Way He’ll Be Able to Ignore This

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OP’s ultimate revenge was sending the envelopes containing proof of Troy’s infidelity to the girlfriend, her sister, and his God-fearing, image-based parents.

She had another mutually trusted friend on the inside of this as well, who would let her know about the fallout.

She Was Smart

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OP had been hurt, and she was not willing to let this man get away with what he had done to her. She was the smarter one and will make him pay for his actions.

And She Got Her Revenge

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Troy may feel guilty, but it may fade eventually. OP has gotten her revenge, but she still feels terrible for his girlfriend, who was also a victim in this situation.

However, she felt that she had to do something to expose the truth and protect her and his girlfriend from further harm.

Reddit users thought she was brave for sharing her story. One user said, “He messed up and wanted to play games which was wrong. Meeting your dad while barely being there was a whole new level of wrong.”

“Sorry for the hurt brought but I hope this brings some closure to that chapter.”

What do you think about her plan? It may hurt, but his girlfriend should know the truth.

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