She Questioned a Rude Waiter and He Treated Her Badly, so She Got Back at Him in Her Own Way! Would You Like Coffee With That?!

On a recent thread that appeared on a Reddit subthread called “Malicious Compliance”, the Original Poster (OP) tells how she and her sister dealt with an extremely rude waiter.

An Unfair Charge

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The problem arose when OP noticed an unfair charge on the bill.

Treating Themselves to Brunch

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OP and their sister decided to have brunch at an upscale rooftop restaurant in the heart of their city. The restaurant had a full setting, complete with cloth napkins and white tablecloths.

The menu featured fancy dishes like a pancake entrée with the word “mélange” and mimosas priced at $16.

Saturday Morning Brunch Hour

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OP and her sister had a great time even though the service was a little rushed. They both understood the situation, Saturday brunch means a lot of tables with a speedy turnover.

Similar Experience

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OP’s sister had been a waitress all through college. They even joked about her applying for the weekend shifts since she’d make great tips.

Asking to Clarify and a Refund

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As they were settling the bill, they noticed that they had been charged for two coffees they didn’t order or receive. OP asked the waiter to remove the charge.

The waiter looked at their table and stated “Well you got your coffee.”

False Accusations

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OP shook her head and said they did not and proceeded to show him the empty coffee mugs.

The waiter still didn’t believe OP and her sister since they had empty cups at their table and suggested they had been used to drink coffee.

OP was quick to point out that every table had been set with two cups with their table settings but they did not use theirs at all to drink coffee.

He Made Them Wait Even Longer!

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The waiter didn’t have the authority to remove the charge and informed OP and her sister (with a smirk) that the manager on duty had just gone on break, and they would have to wait for 30 minutes.

He also requested that they wait at the host stand since they needed the table.

They Took Their Time With the Coffee Refills

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OP and their sister decided to make the most of their time and asked for coffee refills. They even asked for cream and sugar, keeping the waiter from turning the table.

The waiter was clearly annoyed but couldn’t do much except serve them.

He Kept Ignoring Them!

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After 20 minutes of sipping coffee and chatting, the waiter was ignoring them, and they were ready to leave. They signaled for him to take their payment, but he kept ignoring them.

Once the manager was back from their break, the waiter and manager finally returned to their table and said they have a seating time limit and that they needed to leave the table.

Trying to Snub Them One More Time

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OP and her sister stated that they have been trying to flag him down for a while, but the waiter must have been too busy to notice.

The waiter was clearly embarrassed in front of his boss and quickly took their payment. OP handed him their card and booklet, and he quickly marched off to run it.

They Gave Their Honest Feedback

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While they waited, the manager approached them and asked about their experience. They told her they had a great time but relayed what happened with the coffee charge.

Decent Tip

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They left a decent tip and left the restaurant, feeling good that the waiter had probably cost himself a ticket’s worth of tips if they had been able to give their table away more quickly.

Reddit Community

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Reddit users agreed with OP’s behavior, even going as far as saying she shouldn’t have tipped the waiter at all because of his actions. Many other users also felt like the manager should have stepped in sooner, regardless if they were on break or not.

Some swapped stories about similar experiences and how they handled their own issues with waitstaff.

One wrote “One time my wife and I were at a buffet with our 1 year-old baby. She cut up a few items and put them on a little plate for our baby.:

“The server came by and said that if our baby had a plate of food, he would have to be charged the full buffet price. My wife, bless her, dumped the baby’s food onto a napkin, put it in front of the baby, and handed the plate to the server.”

“He did not charge us for our baby’s buffet.”

What Do You Think?

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What do you think? Should OP have tipped the waiter in this instance?​​

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