Transforming Dorm Meals Into Acts of Kindness: How a College Student’s Surplus Meal Plan Made a Big Difference

In a small college town two decades ago, a guy named Warren embarked on a remarkable mission in order to stick it to some university elites. Let’s take a look at his insane act of charity and the fallout that came from it.

The University’s Meal Plan Conundrum

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Warren attended a university that had recently invested in a grand dining hall and required all new students to purchase a 150-meal plan for both semesters. 

Pooling Resources for the 150-Meal Plan

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For Warren, from a lower-middle-class family, this posed a significant financial burden. However, his parents came to the rescue by pooling all their resources to make it possible.

The Unpleasant Surprise

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But as Warren started his first semester, he discovered an important detail about his meal plan – unused meals wouldn’t roll over to the next semester!

Living off-campus, he knew it would be impossible to eat all the meals allocated to him – essentially, he’d been scammed by the university. 

Unwanted Meals Piling Up

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By November, he was facing the prospect of 60-75 leftover meals, and he couldn’t help but complain to his family and friends about the wastage.

Prankster Cousin’s Wild Idea

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Enter Warren’s cousin, a mischievous prankster, who, during a night of drinking, suggested a wild idea.

“What if you brought a group of homeless people to use up your meals? How much would that [annoy] those self-righteous [illegitimate children born out of wedlock]?!” he quipped. 

From Prank to a Plan

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They both laughed, but as the idea took root in Warren’s mind, he saw the potential for something AMAZING. Over the weekend, they discussed and hatched a plan.

A Visit to the Salvation Army

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On Monday morning, they visited the local Salvation Army. They explained to the lady at the desk that they wanted to feed people in need with Warren’s meal plan.

Initially hesitant, she soon recognized the potential blessing, especially during the holiday season. 

Organizing the Initiative

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Together, they organized two days the following week when around 30 people would join Warren to eat at the university’s dining hall. Warren would wear a specific hat so they’d be able to find him.

Excitement and Apprehension on the Big Day

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The big day finally arrived, and a diverse group of people gathered. There were homeless people wearing tattered clothing, families with excited children, and even a family that seemed reluctant to accept help.

However, Warren made it a point to speak to everyone, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Warren’s Approach to the Dining Hall

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At noon, they entered the dining hall, where Warren approached the lady at the entrance, saying, “These people are with me. They are my friends. I would like to swipe them in.”

Confusion swept across her face, but she agreed hesitantly. 

Annoyance, Laughter, and Silent Applause

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The reactions from those inside were a mixed bag. Some staff members appeared annoyed, while students showcased various responses, from laughter to silent applause.

Snobbish faculty members seemed to display disgust at the group entering the dining hall. 

A Standoff with Staff

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However, Warren remained unfazed, even when a head staff member came up to him and said they knew what he was doing and they didn’t like it.

Warren’s response was simple, “These are my friends eating with me. I paid for these meals. Am I doing anything wrong?” She was stumped.

Spreading the Word

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The scenario repeated itself the following day with similar reactions. Word had spread across campus about Warren’s charitable act, and it happened that the university president was dining there that day. 

The University President’s Surprise Visit

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She approached Warren and, while asking him not to encourage his friends to follow suit due to the staff’s inability to manage the influx of people, expressed her pride in her students’ compassionate actions.

A New Semester, More Sharing

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During the next semester, Warren repeated the same act of kindness, even using his meals sparingly to accommodate more people. 

The Heartwarming Memory

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The memory that remains etched in his mind is that of a family with young children, bubbling with excitement as they approached the pizza bar and soft-serve ice cream machine, giggling the whole time.

To this day, it stands as one of the proudest moments in Warren’s life. 

A Proud Moment in Warren’s Life

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He and his friends and family still have a drink and a chuckle, reminiscing about the story and the snooty, angry reactions that he got.

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