Dave Ramsey for Dummies: The Complete Guide to Living Like No One Else

If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey, you may not find it surprising that he’s been in the headlines more than usual in the last few years.

As one of the most famous authorities on personal finance, Dave Ramsey touts his inspiring rags to riches story as the catalyst for building a multimillion-dollar media company and inspiring millions of people to change the way they handle money.

Known for his southern accent and sharp tongue, Ramsey makes no apologies for his Bible-based, no-excuses approach to personal finance.

Who is Dave Ramsey?

As the CEO of Ramsey Solutions, Ramsey’s extensive resume includes: – A chart-topping radio show – Thriving YouTube channels – Multiple best-selling books – A roster of Ramsey Personalities who help him spread his evangelical message of financial hope around the interwebs – And much more

After high school, Ramsey parlayed his early business experience into a successful real estate career, amassing a portfolio of over 4 million dollars by the age of 26.

In his own words, Ramsey says, “about that time we started going to church, and I met God in the process, and a weird thing happened. It was right around that time that everything started falling apart.” 

As his story goes, just two years later, he found himself in a completely different financial situation – broke and bankrupt.

The Birth of an Empire

While working to rebuild, Ramsey sought financial advice from the best-selling book of all time – the Bible. As a result, he learned to manage his money the way he believed God intended him to; these lessons would eventually form the foundation of his ministry.

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