Housing Market Predictions For 2022 That You Can Action

Mindful of the old saying that the only things you can predict are death and taxes, we’re going to try and predict what will happen with the housing market in 2022.

With inflation and interest rates rising and conflict in Ukraine, there is a lot of uncertainty around, so take this post lightly and don’t bet the farm on anything we’re suggesting!

We don’t believe the housing market activity will reach the historic highs of 2021, but economists expect it to remain buoyant.

In 2022, we anticipate that the strong seller’s market will continue, the Sun Belt will remain the most sought-after region, and flexible work options will continue influencing home purchase decision-making.

So keeping that in mind, let us get going with the top predictions, shall we?

A Potential Rise in the Number of iBuyers

IBuyers are companies that purchase and own homes. iBuyers buy houses at a discount, repair them, and then resell them to the general public for a profit. iBuyers makes home buying and selling easy. Because they have a lot of cash, they can streamline processes and close more quickly. This sector is expected to grow over the years, as significant international capital is pouring into these companies.

The Housing Market Will Be Affected By Political Uncertainty

The presidential election year was an intense period, leaving consumers feeling uncertain and fearful. Additionally, those who were disappointed in the election results can now relax knowing Congress has been split. Wall Street enjoys gridlock in Washington since it guarantees little change.



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