Stock Trading: How to Get Started to Grow Your Wealth

Stock trading has become almost mandatory for anyone looking to build wealth today.

What is Stock Trading?

Stock trading is the practice of buying and selling stocks to capitalize on short-term or long-term market events for a profit.

Different Types of Stock Traders in the Market

Two traditional stock trading strategies are value investing and technical analysis trading. The third type of trader is quantitative traders, an umbrella term for algorithmic traders and market-makers.

Common Money-Making Trading Strategies

1. Value Investing Strategies

Investment choices are based on the fundamental analysis of a company. It’s essential to make sure the company generates revenue, does not take on too much debt, has good management in place, etc.

2. Technical Analysis Trading

Active trading based on technical analysis is a strategy most day traders employ. Essentially, they use short-term trading signals based on charts and technical indicators to interpret market volatility.

3. Financial Derivatives Trading (Options Trading)

Financial derivatives trading has always been a tool for companies to hedge their bets or generate profit. But in recent years, financial derivatives have become accessible for retail investors.

4. Algorithmic Trading

This trading strategy is extremely challenging to incorporate, as it requires a significant amount of individual research and time! Algorithmic trading utilizes statistical and mathematical methods to reduce risk and guarantee profitable trades based on mispricings or arbitrage opportunities in the market.

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