Weekly Crypto and NFT Markets Wrap - Blockchain Jobs Boom, Rio Property Tax Rebate for Bitcoin Use, ETH and BTC Bounce 01/17/22

Leading the pack is SCRT, with a 53.3% increase in price, bringing the coin only slightly below its all-time high. Other success stories include ROSE (up 51.6%), NEAR (up 45.1%), and FTM (up 43.2%). Despite the overall success of the market, not everyone was a winner. Right at the bottom was OHM (down 36.8%), and other coins that have suffered include TIME (down 18%), LRC (down 10.2%), and ICP (down 4.8%). So, how did the big boys fare? There were only moderate changes, but they went in the right direction. ETH increased by 8.4%, SOL by 4.1%, and BTC by 3.6%. Could this be the right time to start your 2022 investing?