What is Dividend Investing and How You Can Find the Best Dividend Stocks

Dividends are a payment of some of a company’s earnings to individual shareholders who own parts of the company.

How to Start Investing in Dividend Stocks

To invest in dividend stocks, investors should remember that there is likely to be a minimum investment amount. Investors purchasing stocks directly may be required to make a minimum investment between $25 and $500.

Finding Dividend Stocks To Buy

Once opened, investors can research all listed stocks such as Google and other big names to lesser-known ones. They can do this using screening tools provided by stock brokerages and information on the Security and Exchange Commission’s website and through the stock exchange.

Conduct a Quantitative Analysis

Next, you can do a deeper dive into each of the company’s and their financials through quantitative research methods. The goal is to identify if a company has a history of financial stability and low volatility, which will suggest how reliable it will be in paying out dividends.

Review Dividend Ratios

A high-yielding dividend stock may look appealing. However, dividend ratios will provide more significant insights into if a stock can maintain the same performance over a long period.

Determining When to Buy

Before purchasing a dividend-paying stock, investors must be aware of the ex-date. Any stock traded ex-dividend on or following this date will not receive the next dividend payout.

Pros of Dividend Stocks

Using dividend stocks, investors can achieve portfolio growth through compounding. While traditional stock market gains are continually fluctuating and difficult to predict, compounding can ensure interest increases due to dividend reinvestment.

Cons of Trading Dividend Stocks

Dividend stocks are a great addition to any well-balanced stock portfolio. But that doesn’t mean an investor should solely rely on them either.

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